Spring Farmhouse Home Tour 2019

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We just had what I thought was our last snowfall about seven days ago and so I’ve been frantic in the potager repairing the deer fence, planting spring seeds, amending the soil like a mad woman, but I took a little break to welcome my Momma for the week. And you know what that means! When Momma comes to visit the house gets detailed and spruced up!

The perfect chance to add some springtime touches for a Spring Farmhouse Home Tour 2019 style!

Spring Farmhouse Home Tour

Spring Farmhouse Home Tour


(Or rather how I decorate for Spring:)

I know what happens. The snow begins to melt and you start to feel DESPERATE for Spring. You want to refresh your house, spring clean, have tulips everywhere you look and so you head out to the store. Retail draws you in with all its lure and you find yourself gravitating to cheap egg wreaths, pastel bunting, plastic moss garbage in the Home Goods aisle, thinking that those things will sooth your winter-weary soul. Stay strong my friend, stay strong. Resit the temptation and instead turn to nature and what you may already have. Ok, go ahead and grab some beautiful cloth napkins but then turn and run. (At least this is what I say to myself… after I grab a fabulous new pair of shoes for spring of course!)

Spring is about new life!

Not about cheap junk that will end up on next years garage sale. But I GET IT! Those darn pastel eggs and mossy bunny rabbits beckon me with their siren calls every time. But in my heart, I know that’s not what I need after a long winter. I chose instead to spring clean. Though it’s horrible to work, it’s SUCH a pick me up! I crank my diffuser with my favourite Spring Rain blend and get to it. We try to spring clean over a three day stretch of sunshine when it might still be a little too cold to start in the garden. The sunshine encourages us thru some of the more tedious aspects and it sheds light on improvements that could be made. Like rearranging:)

There’s NOTHING that perks me up like rearranging a room and it costs NOTHING to move the furniture around. It’s so easy to look at the layout of a room and think “This is the ONLY way the room could ever be.” But once I start moving that furniture around I find that I own things I’ve forgotten about and I also find myself inspired to go shopping within my own home.

Is there a linen tucked away that I could press and drape in the kitchen?

Are there pastel coloured old books that could be lined up on a bed of moss?

What if I moved that chair to line up with the spring sunshine patterns? A cosy place to grab an afternoon tea in the new light.

Spring Farmhouse Home Tour


Come spring I have a greenhouse full of seedlings, a yard of twigs with little buds and rolls of moss on the forest floor. Not to mention colourful eggs from the chicken coop and whatever thrifting treasures I have gathered during the winter. I LOVE to use our eggs for decorating and if you don’t have your own chickens I’m guessing you could find a local farmer who would be happy to hook you up with a gorgeous pastel selection of eggs. Farm fresh eggs don’t need to be refrigerated, so they make lovely tabletop arrangements.

To clear space on my greenhouse floor, I gather the potted herbs and pop them into whatever containers I can find. Roasting pans, wicker baskets, copper pots… It’s a simple and affordable way to put those herbs to use during the last few cold weeks before they get planted in the potager. Putting them around the house give me weeks more enjoyment. With our shorter growing season in northern Wisconsin, I’m always looking for ways to stretch my greenery enjoyment. (Be sure to watch the video and see if you can catch me getting tongue tied and end up saying “northern”.)

Insert eye roll.

Spring Farmhouse Home Tour

Spring Farmhouse Home Tour


Along with looking for beautiful treasures at the thrift shops I also like to visit the nurseries and see what they have left from last year that they might like to get rid of very affordable. Most nurseries have an indoor gift shop area and this is a great place to find pussy willows and other decorative branches that might be left over from last year. I recently purchased a huge bundle of the most precious pussy willows left over from last year for just eight dollars. Needless to say, I was thrilled. They will last me for years. I’ll tuck them away when summer begins and pull them out next spring with I need their goodness again.

Spring Farmhouse Home Tour

Spring Farmhouse Home Tour

Spring Farmhouse Home Tour


Sorry. Not Sorry. Shameless oil plug (I know most of you are my customers already but I insist you try this oil blend for your house this spring). GAH! Use it anytime you want to enjoy that spring rain feeling! My mom is a die-hard candle lady (though she uses oils straight up for her health) and she was LOVING it. So, I know it’s not just me. This Spring Rain is my JAM!  Here’s the recipe and I’ll list some of the health benefits for each oil too, ’cause it’s important to me that you know all the great things they can do aside from making your home smell friggen fabulous!

2 drops of Lavender (sleep, anxiousness, bug bites, bee stings, weird skin rashes, burns…)

2 drops of Cypress (restless leg/circulation, bed wetting, heavy monthly cycles, calming, emotional balance…)

3 drops of Bergamot (insomnia, joint pain, loss of appetite, fungal issues…)

4 drops of Clary Sage (numerous female issues, PPD, pink eye (don’t put it IN your eye!), low milk supply….)

I’m gushing, I know, but you just won’t believe it. You can take a peek here and add or subtract anything you want from this shopping cart. Remember, I always send my new dōTERRA friends a goody bag with love from the farm. Now THAT’s a spring treat!

Spring Farmhouse Home Tour

To everything a season. And this is the season of green, life and rebirth. I’m feeling all those good feelings after months of snow and gray. What a pleasure to celebrate the changing of the seasons and what a pleasure to bring that celebration into our every day by bringing life into the house thru greenery, eggs and more.

And now… I’m off to get a little more garden work done.

Rumour has it we are getting three inches of snow tonight.


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à bientôt!

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  1. Becca

    I’m so glad I decided to check your blog today. I’ve been checking on youtube for a new video and started to wonder if you and your family were okay. Happy to see this post!

  2. Rebecca Neustel

    Your little blue flowers might be bluets or hepatica. I love another visit to your beautiful home all dressed up for spring!

  3. Gloria

    I have only just found your blog and YouTube channel. Oh my gosh! I will be a faithful follower.

    • Deborah Marlton

      Absolutely charming…
      …and your mum is lovely!

      Btw..I think the little blue flowers that your children are picking are called scilla; I have them in my yard, too.

  4. Nancy Block

    I have been struggling with finding my true style since I have been all over the map but never feeling the true love until I found French Farmhouse. I am on a Facebook group with love for French Decor and what a lovely helpful group and I was even hoping to get people closest to me in Mo ( used to live in Southern California then moved to Mn and now mid MO) to have a tea party. I gathered a bunch of stuff I already had and that’s when I realized how much French style I had along with farmhouse. VOILA. I found my love and then you. I would love to see you pan slowly so I can see how you arranged your vignettes. You rock.

  5. Michele Magalassi

    I just discovered your blog, but initially found you on YouTube. You and your home are delightful. Love your style!


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