Ok, so it’s a bit early but
the sun has been shining, the Christmas dรฉcor has been put away and I am itching to make some changes around here.  I thought I would start with the ones that are free… my kitchen has pretty much been arranged the same since Fifi’s visit in June.. Yikes!
So, I felt possessed enough to pull everything off the shelves, put it on the kitchen counter and start over… I did this at 3 p.m.  It get’s dark around 3:55 and I had to fight to not loose inspiration – I must have been crazy.

As far as changes that will be a bit more of an undertaking, I do think I am done with the yellow, it’s been at least seven years, can you believe I am thinking of creamy white walls? I am, and I can’t believe it, but in the meantime, I do like they way things came out… lately I find myself drawn the look of a little “less” – so, even though you probably can’t tell, I did put quite a few things away.

 See that sweet little French book in the back!  What a delight to open my mailbox the other day and find that from a dear friend!

 Someone recently emailed me and asked if I sell things from my house, yes I do, and as a matter of fact this gorgeous, crazed, jug will be listed very soon!  I am selling it for a friend – I would KILL to keep it, it goes so well!

My favorite idea this time around is the spread of white dishes on top of my barnwood hutch.  I just love it.
What ‘choo been up to?  
Got any designs for your home this year?

Dis moi!