Spring Clean?

Jan 8, 2011 | Parisienne Farmhouse Design | 18 comments

Ok, so it’s a bit early but
the sun has been shining, the Christmas décor has been put away and I am itching to make some changes around here.  I thought I would start with the ones that are free… my kitchen has pretty much been arranged the same since Fifi’s visit in June.. Yikes!
So, I felt possessed enough to pull everything off the shelves, put it on the kitchen counter and start over… I did this at 3 p.m.  It get’s dark around 3:55 and I had to fight to not loose inspiration – I must have been crazy.

As far as changes that will be a bit more of an undertaking, I do think I am done with the yellow, it’s been at least seven years, can you believe I am thinking of creamy white walls? I am, and I can’t believe it, but in the meantime, I do like they way things came out… lately I find myself drawn the look of a little “less” – so, even though you probably can’t tell, I did put quite a few things away.

 See that sweet little French book in the back!  What a delight to open my mailbox the other day and find that from a dear friend!

 Someone recently emailed me and asked if I sell things from my house, yes I do, and as a matter of fact this gorgeous, crazed, jug will be listed very soon!  I am selling it for a friend – I would KILL to keep it, it goes so well!

My favorite idea this time around is the spread of white dishes on top of my barnwood hutch.  I just love it.
What ‘choo been up to?  
Got any designs for your home this year?

Dis moi!



  1. Deb

    Yes, I love that too. White dishes look great anywhere. Your kitchen looks so inviting. I do love the yellow walls, though. White dishes and copper look so nice together. I’m always playing in the kitchen, too. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  2. Sarah at myyellowhouse

    I just adore your kitchen and my gosh, your copper collection is fabulous! It looks beautiful all redone….the barnwood hutch is FABULOUS!!!!
    You probably won’t, but send me a little email if that’s one thing you decide to sell! 🙂

  3. Alice

    What a beautiful kitchen! My own kitchen sports lovely yellow walls and the blue/white theme. But I can’t believe it’s only been 6 months and you are ready to rearrange? Mine has stayed the same for over 8 years! I love the white dishes you have sitting out, but here everything must be behind glass or I would be dusting every day (gravel roads–ugh). Secretly I’m also thinking about white, but hubby will have none of it.

    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous space with us!

  4. Valerie

    How funny…I got bit by the cleaning bug too! I guess it was all that Midwest sunshine pouring through my windows…I mean, DIRTY windows that caused me to go nuts yesterday. Even though temps were frigid, I tilted in those windows and washed the outside and insides.

    They now sparkle beautifully…just in time for our FIRST true accumulating snow (5-7 inches) due to arrive Sunday into Monday. This girl can’t wait…neither can the older two kiddos!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. cityfarmer

    now THAT is a makeover …

    I just loved seeing those white dishes over and over and over again.

  6. Blondie's Journal

    Your white dish collection is beautiful and I love all the barn wood…my dream kitchen.


  7. Ann at eightacresofeden

    My living room walls were painted in that shade of yellow that I chose and did love it for a few years but it really made the room seem closed in and dark thus began my love affair with antique white. I also went through the less is more phase in my kitchen particularly for the benches – too many decorative items that were not that useful. Do you use all your copper ware? I am in love with copper! I have copper taps in my bathroom and would love to have them in the kitchen one day with a butler’s sink. Latest addition though is a vintage wooden ladder to be turned into a pot hanger. It is not getting painted antique white though as it has the original lettering down one side.

  8. Mrs. B.

    Oh, it is so very VERY pretty. The stacks of white dishes and french blue…the vintagey books and {bright} copper kettles 🙂
    Gorgeous room.
    I just gave my kitchen a little overhaul this morning before I came to check in online.
    Great minds.
    Happy New Year!

  9. Tamra

    I am such a sucker for white dishes piled high. Love your old barn wood case they sit on.

  10. Carole

    I have almost the same color walls in our dining room and I’m always wanting to change it but some days when the sunshines in I love it.
    I like that your blog and style is not like everyone elses! and it’s gorgeous!

  11. Pam @ Frippery

    Just lovely. Been tidying, rearranging and purging for the new year as well.

  12. Anne Marie

    totally my favorite idea too..the white dishes are awesome looking on top of there! and I can’t wait to see how huge your kitchen is going to look with white walls!!! it’ll be beautiful!

    how exciting
    this post is so inpsirational Ange!

  13. Priscilla

    What a coincidence! I have been clearing away the Christmas decorations and decided to make some changes to MY kitchen. I hve so much blue and I was considering moving blue into the rest of the rooms.
    I have both of the French cookbooks that you have on the shelf. The old one, and the herb one.
    We had snow this morning and we might have some more this week. Good time to stay in doors and CLEAN!

  14. Molly @ Star Cottage

    Hello Ang 😉
    Your kitchen is so charming and inviting! I love the white dishes, I have the same swirly bowls in my collection. And we share a love for blue and white china too. I have a bit of a dish fetish and I am running out of room. I just spent the weekend doing the same, trying to get my house back in order after the holidays. I am with you on “less”

  15. Becky C

    I’m sorry to say that I’ve been living under a rock…and I just found you. So glad I did. I’ve read about you here and there but always forgot to check out your link. Love your kitchen! Especially the barn wood hutch holding the white dishes.
    Love your header, too. Gorgeous.
    I have been “spring cleaning” too 🙂
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  16. Boho Farm and Home

    Your kitchen looks great! I need to get to get some motivation because I have Christmas still sitting in a pile in my reading room and I am avoiding it by looking at blogs…your nice clean kitchen has motivated me to go back to work…or maybe organize something managable like my spice cabinet! 🙂

  17. Cat'sJewelryBoutique

    This looks really pretty! I love that hutch too. This sounds like something my mom ( Boho Farm and Home) would do! Cream will look great on the walls.

  18. ~Sharon L.~

    I am in love with your barnwood hutch! I have some 6 pane window frames that would suit me as doors to make my very own. Could you share a photo of the entire hutch, so I can try to copy the construction? It would work very well in my 1810 kitchen!


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