A Spit Your Tea Moment…

In an effort to save space on my blog (I am almost out – THEN what happens???)  I am simply going to provide you with the link to this YouTube clip.  I found this guy on Fear and Trembling’s sidebar and watched a few of his clips.  When I saw this one I about spit my English Breakfast Tea all over the screen!!!

I think my favorite line is “We love Mao, we love Ché, stop this racist war today!”  
This guy is my new favorite.  You’re sure to get a good laugh from this Conan O’Brian -esque conservative humor!

10 thoughts on “A Spit Your Tea Moment…”

  1. Yep, gotta love Jason Mattera. His schtick (makes it sound cheap to call it that when it’s SO clever and informed) is that he pretends to be one of the left, baits them, then asks really poignant questions.
    My kind of guy! Glad you liked it.

    ps. on the blog issue, I tried to transition to wordpress… not happening. Stick to blogger and edit photos down I guess.

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