With little ones (and big ones) adjusting to their beloved Bid Daddy’s new hours (more on that in another post) we are doing our best to be effective and intentional with every minute we are together. Though I have never thought of us as “time wasters” (probably for lack of TV & gizmo’s aside from this laptop) I have noticed that more time is spent on the floor wrestling, more hours at the lego bench creating, more pages being read and turned together as a family…
It is…beautiful.
Today, Joel should have worked but with his new schedule today was tree day or else we were going to have to forget it. And since “faux” or “no” is not an option in this house we took off for the morning to find the perfect tree.
And I believe we did.
Memories. So far, our little guy has been a part of cutting a fresh tree every year of his little life (and his sister too of course) but today, I welled up with tears as I saw him trapsing so merrily through the fields, making his way over the mounds of dead, bent grasses…he is so big. So tall. So four and a half.
I giggled as Sweet Princess tried to keep up with him, in her faux fur and Amish long homemade skirt. Happy and carefree as could be. Her nose, redder by the minute.
And together, with cold dirt crunching under our feet Joel and I dreamed aloud of the day when we will have our own farm…of what it would be like to stroll your own property and enjoy nothing but the silence.
There is too, something romantic about seeing your man cut down and tree and hoist it up to his shoulders, broad from years of painting…I love him so much.
We won’t be at any malls this year or standing in any lines for the “greatest” deals. While I love a trip to Nordstrom now and again we have never been big Christmas pandamonium type people. And now with kids, well, I almost feel like I need to protect them from all that.
Today, I feel like we protected each other.
Surrounding each other with love and time shared.
‘Suppose it’s the time of year to feel nostalgic so as I cherish these last few weeks of our family of 4, I am diving in head first – I am sure there will be more sappy, heartfelt postings…
May I be so bold as to encourage you to plan your hours this month carefully and may cherished memories be your intention. There are plenty of other days in the year to buy gifts and fight crowds. Plenty of time to think about “my to do list.”
Let me be the first to confess the erroneous question: “What can I get done today with my time?”
— It is time the Lord has given me. How will I choose to spend it?
Why not follow our Saviour’s lead? Humbly and simply He came to us,
spent His time with us.
Husbands and wives, mothers and children, friend to friend…
How much might we glorify Him by doing the same for each other?
“Man Cub” took this photo…not bad hugh?
No words, just see kiddo’s prayer on the sidebar.
“We’re not walking all the way out here so you can buy one of those stupid ties with the Santa Clauses on it are we Dad?”
-A favorite line from Christmas Vacation – more of those to come too!
My P.R.’s
In the warming barn with ladies making wreaths and free hot chocolate and donuts.
Does your wrapping room look like this?