OK – Here it is.  

If you have followed the last few posts you will notice this is the mysterious deleted post– I have cut and pasted this post to todays current date after having deleted it in the middle of the night.  Yes, sometimes I do get so passionate that my words are very, very strong and yes Norell I do struggle with my mouth/typing fingers and being a Christian.  But there are times for strong words.  I firmly believe that.  I am sure I could tone down the name calling –(that is deffinately what gets me in the most trouble and causes me the most guilt when I re-read a post) but that would not take away from what I firmly believe was a sad, sad thing that happened last night.  
This country was a great country before Obama.  We do not need him to “Heal our Souls” as Michelle put it.  The decision to elect him did not make us great.  (We are the most caring, charitable people on the planet. )  I am in fact thrilled that history has been made, now, maybe FINALLY we can move beyond race in this country.  I am SO SICK of the country being accused of being full of racists.  I would not care if our President was TEAL but I think the leader of the country should respect life (IE: Not call a baby who has survived an abortion a temporary viable fetus) and I do not think he should be preying on peoples circumstance in life (IE: Increasing the welfare state and their dependance on government.)
But here is the thing.  I would NEVER boo someone and I was not booing last night (On the contrary I was grieved beyond belief) but I do think that Christians who voted for Barack were misinformed.  I do get pretty frustrated when people comment that my writing is not “Christian” and then out of the other side of their mouths/fingers they support or vote for things in this country that Jesus would have nothing to do with.  And I’m not singling you out, this has happened a couple times in my 3 years of blogging.  I think most of my posts have been aimed at Christians considering the B.O. vote.  If I was not clear on that than in my hasty writing I became careless.  
Norrell, if the last few posts upset you then this one will too – it’s a doosy but I would love it if you’d stick with me.  You said it’s time to work together.  That’s right – now it’s time to watch what he does and fight (just like we did with “W”) when we think he is going to make a bad move for the country. 
I really appreciate your comments and that you read my blog – Please keep reading Norrell, I’d be honored (and I swear I’ll go back to “canning” soon:)
Original Title:  “What a Difference a Day Makes”
From 5:53 a.m. to 11:15 p.m.  What a difference a day makes-

If you listen carefully Chopin clearly says it all.  And if your heart is not heavy enough allow me to add to his mournful chords…

World…E.U…. Hoodie Sporting-You-Tube-Watchin-Morons and all you lazy bums looking for a handout – I hope you’re happy.
You have just elected a baby killing, marxist.
Yes, that’s what I just said.  If you thought I was outspoken (written) before you ain’t seen nothing yet.  I have been BEGGING my husband to help me figure out a Podcast and I think after seeing the headline “President Obama” on Fox News he might finally help me get it launched.  I’ve been sitting on the name of my own “show” for two years now.
Whatever.  I told Joel (after I sat in my chair and cried for 10 minutes) that he better get ready because I was going to be the biggest loud mouth conservative he’s ever seen.  His words were, “I was just thinking the same thing”  in other words – you have my blessing – yack away.  
I really, really would like to think that America does not know what she has just done.  That my own friends did not take into account things like the possible four empty seats in the Supreme Court, the strain higher taxes will put on small business owners, and THE BABIES!!!!  ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS HE SAID HE IS GOING TO DO is PLEASE PLANNED PARENTHOOD WITH HIS ABORTION ON DEMAND!  PAID FOR BY YOU AND I!  Whatever, I am disgusted.  I am disgusted that for the first time in…EVER God fearing people like my pig farming, rig driving, common sense thinking Uncle John don’t out number youthful, bus riding, global warming believing, ya-whos, who think Obama is going to cure this country of “Evil White Man” syndrome.
I’m so pissed.
So, I breath deeply.  And TRY in all my human frailty to remember that my “help” is in the name of the Lord.  That’s right – the ONE AND ONLY MESSIAH and not the egomaniac that SOMEHOW just got voted into office.