How to raise respectful children?
It’s a big question.


The title of this blog post was obviously supposed to get your attention. I was hoping to have that opening funeral scene from Gran Torino with those disrespectful brats in church. When his grandkids show up to their Grandmother’s funeral in street clothes and then make the Sign of the Cross with that horrible expression, then sit there TEXTING… It makes your stomach turn. Where’s the respect> I could not find it on YouTube though – I could do an entire post on that movie.

For many a Modern Momma “How to raise respectful children” can be a haunting question.
My kids and I had a rough day the other week. I might have been feelin’ the love but I wasn’t feelin’ the respect.
We tend to feed off each other in this house. Stress begets stress. So, the 4 year old had been allowed to skip her nap each day for the last two days – this had turned her into an academy award winning drama queen…The hubby, as always thanks to this blessed and cursed job was exhausted… the 2 year old was/is getting 4 new teeth… AT ONCE… the 6 year old, like any older brother, vacillated between comforting the over tired, pain ridden sisters and harassing them to see what kind of a rise he could get out of them…then of course there was the baby who just WON’T settle into a napping schedule! All that stress gave everyone a good batch of extra lip and most of it was directed towards ME!
So, had you rang me up that day I would have answered,
“Northwest Illinois Loony Bin – PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE!”
 On that note let me remind you that no matter how pretty the blog is that you read – that woman is just like you. She has good days, she has bad days even if she only writes about lavender and lace! I haven’t met many Moms who didn’t have a day where they didn’t want to simply crawl in a hole!
We’ve all seen it. The blatant disrespect of America’s youth.
It’s icky.
There is no sense of decorum, no sense of respecting your “higher ups.”
It’s an egalitarian nightmare.
Now what about our kids?
Our little ones who ask questions like,
“Why do we have to get dressed up for church?”
I am of the opinion that we Modern Momma’s are way too afraid to give a pat answer such as, “Because we just do.” or “Because I said so.” And thus, many of us do not make our kids do things like get dressed up for church.
Why would it be so bad to hand out pat answers without some big long justification?
It’s not.
I think girls my age feel like they have to unpack any reason they give to their kids. Come on, you’ve seen at the store, “No honey, you can’t hang upside down off the shopping cart because you could fall and break your neck and then we would have to call an ambulance and Mommy would not be able to finish her shopping. You want to be able to eat dinner tonight don’t you?”
You gotta laugh.
What the heck is wrong with saying, “Sit down in the cart. If you stand up again you will receive a punishment.”??
End of story.

Reasoning with a child. I mean, I suppose to an extent – sure, it’s O.K. but honestly can you imagine George Washington’s father reasoning with him. Doubt it. He probably reasoned with a switch!

I feel this way – you reason with a three year old and then POOF! You’re gonna be reasoning with a thirteen year old. Yikes.
We are really working on this around here because I fancy myself to be the kind of Momma who doesn’t reason and argue with her children but we fall off the wagon too and then suddenly I find myself explaining my every move to someone the size of my leg and that is just stupid and exhausting!

So let’s simply encourage each other, let me encourage you that no matter what form of discipline you employ in your house — YOU are the Mom. If you decide to make your kids dress up for church then good for you, if you make them clear their plate or pick up their room without question – you’re not a bully, you’re not being uptight,
you’re not expecting too much from a child.
You are the MOMMA – and don’t you forget girl!

Some day when they are respectable members of society, sticking out like sore thumbs among a sea of spoiled, screen addicted (underdressed), lazy, losers who can’t hold a job they will thank us for it!

Photos found by Googling “Disrespectful Child”