Of Thee I Zing… A GIVEAWAY!!!!

Aug 8, 2011 | Random Thoughts | 20 comments

Suddenly I have a busy week ahead!
I’ll be in the garden and the kitchen – beaucoup
and I won’t be able to get my recipe posts up as quickly as I would like so…
How about a giveaway?
I just read Laura Ingraham’s new book, it’s laugh out loud funny and I think you girls would love it!
It’s a total “zing” on our culture from Prostitots and Lady Gaga to E.D. commercials and In-Flight Etiquette!
This has nothing to do with liberals or conservatives – this has to do with our insane situation… Tweeting, Pants on the Ground, Time Outs and Ten dollar coffee drinks…
So, I’ve got a first edition, (AUTOGRAPHED by the woman herself, Laura Ingraham)
 copy on the giveaway block this week!
To enter simply,
Become a Follower…
Leave a comment…
Post about this Giveaway or put it on your sidebar!
Here’s some art for you…
Leave a comment and let me know your form of entry.
The WINNER will be drawn on
our 16th Wedding Anniversary!
August 12th, 2011
(If you live overseas -I’d be happy to send it to you if you’d like to cover the shipping.)
Here’s an excerpt to get you giggling…

Bon Chance!


  1. Priscilla

    Love Laura and would love to have her new book, but is it autographed by her or you. Or BOTH Not THAT would be something!!!!!!

  2. hilary

    What, no comments? I’d love the giveaway book. It sounds very interesting. I must be signing in at the wrong locale, as usual….
    thank you for your generosity

  3. Lorilee

    Oh my, that sounds like a wonderful read! I just finished David Limbaugh’s “Crimes Against Liberty” and just started George W. Bush’s “Decision Points”. I would LOVE to read “Of Thee I Zing” next.
    I am a follower.
    I posted about the giveaway on my blog.
    And I’m commenting.
    AND keeping my fingers crossed!

  4. GlammaGirl

    Love Laura! Oh so smart and funny! Listen to her on radio and T.V. . Hope i win this great book!

  5. Miranda

    Love Laura! I’ve been wanting to read this book! I’m a follower 🙂

  6. Gail

    Oh, thank you for this chance! I thought I might get this for my birthday on the 30th of July, but didn’t.
    Love Laura and think she’s spot on with so many of her observations on the craziness going on in society now.
    I’d love a copy of her book!

  7. RobinfromCA

    I bet this book is priceless! I’ve heard her rants on some of the things you mentioned and I’m always saying “I KNOW!!” to her through the TV or radio!

    So, I’m posting and I’m already a follower!

    Good luck in the kitchen this week!


  8. elizabeth

    I found your blog just now via Fifi’s book, which I just bought yesterday. Loving what I see and read here! I’m following…

  9. Betty

    Need a laugh in this crazy culture!

  10. Betty

    Need a laugh in this crazy culture and Laura’s book sounds like just the ticket! Thanks!

  11. à la parisienne

    This sounds like a perfect read for me. My family and friends are always hearing me rant about our culture. I’m one of those passionate, old-fashion women who belongs in another era and can’t stand the culture I’m living in (even though I do enjoy its perks!)


  12. Victoria

    p.s. I want to read mark stein’s new book, and laura’s too!

  13. Reese

    Thanks for the chance to win! Laura is fabulous; this books looks wonderful. Loved “The Obama Diaries”; I’m sure this book will be equally enjoyable.

  14. liggygirl

    This looks perfect and so entertaining and true. I did a presentation in college on how we don’t know fundamentals of out country but we know celebs and crap!

    Love your blog as always. Very inspiring xoxo

  15. Sush

    Oui! I would love to be included in a chance to win!

    Merci and beaucoup! I am a follower…


  16. mellmo

    Just found you and I am offically now a follower!
    Would love to win sounds that I great book…

  17. Mourning Dove Farm

    I love Laura and have seen her talk about this book but after listening to the audio I know I have to read it! I too am amazed (and horrified) by what is happening today. Thanks for the chance–I have been a follower for awhile and I LOVE your blog!

  18. anna

    just found your blog from “where women cook.” love it!

    sounds like a great book!


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