No, we don’t have cable but we do have an antena and we use it for the NASCAR races.  Last night we used it to watch the Academy Awards.  Ugh,  what a nightmare.

I used to love the Academy Awards.  In fact, we would have a big party every year with contests of who could guess the most winners, life size stand up posters of Scarlett, Marilyn, Chaplin…it was so fun.  Not anymore.
Hollywood can barely keep my attention these days.  I still really like Nicole Kidman and I like Kate Winslet (when she is acting) and that is about it.  Everyone else and their political posturing, their condescedning views of the rest of us, the fact they think we all live on Revolutionary Road makes me sick.
Hugh Jackman was a delight, I thought he was very entertaining but was it just me or is it hard to take an establishment serious that would nominate “Kungfu Panda”???  And Beyoncé?  Oh, there is a reason I thought that  Etta James clip I posted a few weeks ago was so funny.  Girlfriend, those of us with “junk” should not be running around stage in barely there red sequins.  It was painful.
The main reason I would watch anything like this is for the fashion.  Goodness, can you imagine the clothing at these women’s disposal?  Oh if I could get my hands on some of those selections!!!!  
Reese Witherspoon looked like she was in a Good Will prom dress from 1993.
 Jennifer Aniston’s dress?  BORING!  
Woopi Goldburb?  That dress was supposed to be funny right??  
I’ll tell you what though, I think Amy Adams was exquisite!! 
Of course, I was stupid and subjected myself to the entire debacle (including that blasphemous Bill Mayer!  I swear, when he talks I hold my breath just waiting for a lightening bolt to come down from the heavens!!), no, I take it back, after Sean Penn I went to brush my teeth.  I tell you what, that smug, floppy haired punk who keeps company with the likes of I’m-a-little-nutjob in Iran, Castro and Hugo Chavez…this guy has the nerve to lecture America about the shame they are going to inflict on their grandchildren for voting for prop 8?  Who does he think he is?  What about his grandkids, do you think they may feel some shame that Grandpops was flitting all over the world butt-kissing a bunch of horrible dictators!??  I find the entire thing so irritating.
BTW, MILK, Sean’s movie made 28 million with a 20 million dollar production budget – in other words, it flopped.  Hollywood is out of touch with what America want’s to see and for me, they’ve added the Academy Awards to the list.  
I actually got kind of sad last night, realizing there was no way I was every going to be able to enjoy the awards with my daughter, the stuff she would be subjected to between Goldie Hawn’s boobs and guests announcing there is no God…she is already a little fashion plate, wearing my shoes and jewelry and carrying my purses around the house.  We’ll have to find another way to enjoy fashion together…Too bad… In the meantime I am going to have to find another way to get my fashion fix too – at least next Month’s In Style magazine is right around the corner!
Who were your picks for worst and best dressed??