Sorry All…

Feb 3, 2007 | Full Time Family | 1 comment

The problem is, 24 is still in my DVD player…I can’t stop.

I had to fill the void that ALIAS left in my life and let me tell you – Jack Bauer is doing the trick.

We’s kin. (Being that he has my Gramma’s maiden name and he is a butt kicken’ man after my own heart.)

I don’t really care for TV but I sure enjoy renting these DVD’S of T.V’s most popular show. Joel and I are like bonified nerds watching episode after episode where there is a REAL leader of a President, a rouge CIA type agent and where bad guys are actually called bad guys not “disenfranchised youth.”

Trust me. Just go rent season one, disc one. I promise I will get a handle on this new adiction and start blogging again. I own Mandi some blue wig photos. In the meantime I am printing “Jack Bauer for President” signs for my yard!

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  1. Amanda

    Dude you’re killin me….if it doesn’t have PAT SUMMIT on the screen, or a ball, I ain’t watchin it!


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