I lost my phone.

Thursday I was outside with the Chickens and Momma and she says she handed me my phone when I got up to go inside cause the wind was overwhelming Amélie.  From the garden to the couch I lost my phone.
My house is clean, my purse has been emptied, company has come and gone four times since then and it is nowhere to be found.  It must be turned way down or on silence cause it rings when you call it BUT I CAN FIND IT ANYWHERE.
If you know me you know I OBSESS when I can’t find something.  So much so that THIS is what I am writing about, not company from the neighborhood, France, Wisconsin, and Palatine, not the jackpot that I hit in home decor this weekend, not my tullips or even that moment where we screamed thinking Junior might win the Bush race today. 
Nope, just my stinkin phone.  I am so mad I can’t see straight.  
I better find it before tomorrow at one.  (See previous post)
No, really.  Pray I find it.  I don’t l-0-v-e to talk on the phone but I sure love it and since we don’t have a land line I really don’t want to start the week without it.

Where is IT???????