Engine, engine Number 9,
Going down the Chicago Line,
See it sparkle, see it shine,
Engine, engine Number 9.
If the train should jump the tracks,
Will I get my money back?
Yes, no, maybe so…

Forward motion is everything.

I mean, it is right? It’s not just a Type-A personality thing. We’re all moving forward at all times, whether we like it or not.

Stop this train so I can get off.

I’m a forward motion kind of girl, but lately, I’m feeling some serious ‘Stop this train so I can get off.’ I’ll admit. I called Shaye a few weeks ago crying, I just need TWO Saturdays. I know you feel this. Despite ‘six days shall you work’, our modern lifestyle doesn’t leave enough room for Costco runs, lawn mowing, and hobbies on ONE day a week. (Let alone a good waxing of the mustache and washing out all the dry shampoo from the week.) And so, even with writing that, I find myself taking a big inhale and sighing it out. Shaye says I sigh a lot. We’ve only been in person a couple of times and most recently was a very depressing four years ago, but apparently, I sigh. A lot. I read somewhere that it’s a stress reliever. People who sigh are good at regulating stress.

Well, I’m good at something then:)

Back to that #9…

Have you ever been on the Eurostar?

It’s amazing. You feel all Bond, James Bond; until you get up from your seat to go to the dining car, then you’re gingerly grabbing the tops of each seat as you ‘walk’ down the aisle trying not to fall into the lap of a ‘Eurotrash dressed in Armani’ as the train undulates towards The Chunnel – there’s no sexy spy stuff there. Waterloo, anyhoo, You’re just trying to make your way to the food so you can get a cool yogurt in a terra cotta jar without losing your cookies.

See how I did that there?

(If you missed it, I brought back a vivid travel memory, while drawing upon my favorite spy series, quoted French Kiss, and pointed you toward my terra cotta flooring project to pull this newsletter together. So, if you’re from Europe, don’t message me about the “Eurotrash”, I didn’t say it, Meg Ryan did:)

And so, you think you wanna Terra Cotta?

It takes a 007 kind of tenacity I’m finding out. I always thought I would make a badass spy, but laying terra cotta flooring is its own beast, withOUT the multilinguistic skills and fabulous clothing. I knew it would be tough and I knew it would take forever, but I didn’t factor in a traumatized cat who now his hellbent on marking his territory on my tile OR a daughter needing surgery for two broken bones just a few days into the project. Alas, forward motion is everything. Especially when you’re going downhill on a skateboard apparently.


This week we are moving forward as our sweet skateboarder does her schoolwork in bed with her leg above her heart (45 minutes an hour as recommended by the surgeon). When he asked he if she had any questions before she was wheeled into surgery, she asked this,

“Will I make the metal detectors go off at the airport?”

Girlfriend got three huge screws put in her leg but she’s obviously concerned about her future spy career or thinking about her next trip to Paris. So is her Momma and we’ll unpack the whole story for you here –