Aidan has a little daily devotional that I have been trying to do each night with him.  I say “trying” because it is in addition to his beloved “Simon” books (au francais) and other favorites like his giant French Pictionary and The Little Train and Blueberrys for Sal…

The devos (I hate that word but thought I’d use it) are one page long – one for each day of the year – Aidan always wants to read more than one.  The one page concept doesn’t click.  Neither do half the devotionals.  The book says ages 3-7 but come on, some of these Godly concepts are completely lost on him so I do my best to break it down as simple as I can.
The other night I was breaking down the concept of being thankful and after we read our one page and our conversation went like this….
Me:  What are you thankful for Aidan?

Aidan:  Parks.

Me:  Oh, that is wonderful.  What else are you thankful for baby?

Aidan:  I am thankful for beer.
If you just picked yourself up off the floor, I feel your pain.  I am still down there…in a puddle of pee.