Snapshots in Conversations II

Jan 10, 2007 | Snapshots in Coversation | 5 comments

As we drive by Circuit City…

Joel: I am never going to Circuit City again!

Angela: Why not?

Joel: It’s all plasma T.V.’s. Hardly anyone one can really afford that crap anyways. The only thing they sell is “Keeping up with the Jones'”.


  1. French to be

    I am in agreement with that. There is so much materialism these days and seems the plasma t.v.’s are the craze. I’ve already had to talk my hubby out of one. So far, so good.

  2. Amanda

    I hate circuit city….

  3. julee

    Please, check your e-mail.

  4. FarmgirlCyn

    Geez-Louize…maybe J should talk to Pete. He is big into the latest and greatest in TV’s. As if we NEED more couch potato time!!! Around here, Best Buy is a man’s best friend.


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