Snapshots in Conversations I ( A new feature here in the Farmhouse!)

Jan 8, 2007 | Snapshots in Coversation | 3 comments

While looking across the street to a house that is being gutted and re-done. Part of the “re-do” was the removal of a small, thriving vegetable garden.

Angela: What kind of an *&& takes OUT a vegetable garden anyways?

Joel: Probably someone that didn’t want to “mess” with it.

Angela: One does not “mess” with a vegetable garden, one tends to it.


  1. FarmgirlCyn

    And “one” better never mess with the Parisienne Farmgirl, her man, her babes, her siblings or her mama, or one will be in deep doo-doo! “Tend” is a much more genteel word than “work’ or “toil”, tho those things are definitely involved in the “tending” of the garden. It’s a heart issue, am I right???

  2. Kathleen Marie

    I love your blog…it had me laughing. It is 38* at 11 p.m. in the mountains and I am with you…if this is global warming bring it on!

    And I am with you on the garden ordeal…you tend it and don’t mess with it.

  3. Shabby in the City

    Come see shabby for some more garden talk today…we are on the same wavelengths 🙂


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