Snapshots in Conversation

Dec 31, 2008 | Snapshots in Coversation | 0 comments

The Set-Up-
Lately we have been dreaming about summer.  We say all the time in this house that the only mad thing about summer is the mosquitos (or as Aidan says, “Mister-sqitos”).  We also battle Japanese Beetles on my roses all summer though this has not been mentioned around here since about August.  We have also been working on certain behaviors so that when Dad gets home we can give him a “Good Report.”  Check out the way his little mind works.  He walked into the kitchen and announced this this morning…

“Mom, The other bad thing about Summer is those bugs that are on the flowers.  Those little thingys that are beetles.   That will give summer a bad report.  You have to spray chemicals on them and then they fall off but you have to do it again and again and again…”


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