Update:  The music mentioned when this post was first posted was Carly Simon’s “You’re so Vain” – Hilarious.
Aidan overheard something negative about Obama on the radio the other day (go figure…in THIS house???)  This is brief the conversation that followed:

Aidan:  “I don’t like Obama.”
Me:  (Thinking this would be an opportunity; however premature to explain that sometimes we might not like someone but we must respect them according to their position or at least respect their position.  This is NOT an egalitarian household.)

“Well, Aidan.  Momma doesn’t necessarily like Obama either but…”

Aidan: (totally interuptting me) “But he sure does make me laugh!!!”

Me:  (Holding in my tea.)  “Oh, he does hugh?”
Aidan:  “Yeah, he is such a silly goofer…the stuff he says it just cracks me up!”

I thought this would be an appropriate Snapshot considering the “leadership” we are seeing out of Washington lately.   Turns out Barack will soon be headed off to France for a “Town Hall” type, We-are-the-World meeting in my family heritage home of Strausburg.  It looks like he is going to disregard what even the Socialist French Government and other E.U. Leaders are saying (That we are planning to spend too much money) and instead go right to the people.  I tell you what – he thinks he is a Rock Star.  It’s enough to make you see red (Ha!  Pun intented!)  But if my smart ass baby cakes didn’t make you laugh hard enough perhaps the bottom spoofs will.  Because sometimes you just gotta laugh about it!

Oh my gosh, can you STAND my music selection for today???  Move over Laura!
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