Free at last, free at last!  

Automated Operator: For English press…
If you would like to add services or have a question about your existing service press 1, to inquire about your scheduled appointment press two, for all other inquiries press 2.
Crappy “on hold” music…
Treena:  Thank you for calling Comcast how can I help you today?
Me:  I would like to cancel my service.
Dead air.  Dead air…
Treena:  Ugh, May I ask why?
Me:  We don’t watch it.
Treena:  Well, what about in February…you will have to have a digital converter or a digital t.v.  You won’t be able to watch…it won’t work.
Me:  But, we don’t watch it!?
Treena:  Ugh, O.k.  Angela, you service is cancelled and someone will be out tomorrow to disconnect your outdoor line.  Is there anything else I can do for you today?
Me: Nope.
Treena:  (Still very confused) Thank you for using Comcast, please remember us in the future.
I was thrilled when we went to $15 basic cable but our T.V.s sit around covered in dust, especially during the downseason for Nascar.  Now, our evenings are without “surfing” temptation, if we want to watch The Office we watch it on the laptop without being subjected to pornographic “Desperate Housewhores” commercials.  I’m feeling a little cocky and I will frankly confess to you, self righteous (which I don’t like about myself and I KNOW is wrong)  when I see the blue glow in someone’s living room.  But I tell you, this is an opportunity for more conversation, more creativity, more board games, more books, I am beyond blessed to have a husband who thinks this is as cool as I do -Joel’s been reading his Bible every night…I think this is going to be a very good thing for our family.