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May 12, 2008 | Snapshots in Coversation | 5 comments

Background – We are not big on making our kids learn certain things til they have to.  A couple months back we had some friends over for dinner and Aidan must have overheard them talking about their father/father-in-law that had recently died.  We had not until that point really used words like died or killed in front of him.  None of his books deal with that subject yet – he is not even 3 yet.  He has plenty of time to learn about all that.   

Well, this conversation he overheard must have really gotten in his head.  Days later we went to Target and one of Aidans favorite treats is to get a pretzel at the snack bar.  This day however there were no lights on and we told him no one was working the counter, that they went home.
That night at tuck in time he became despondent, sobbing that the Target pretzel guy had died and that was why he could not have a pretzel.  He kept saying it over and over again and once again we committed to ourselves to really watch what we say.  Clearly this was not a subject he was ready for…
Today while getting in the car we saw a canary, bright, bright yellow in the little yard next to our driveway.  We thought we had better try to catch it lest a hawk or vehicle get it.  We knew our friends down the road have one and we were hoping it was not theirs.  We did  not go crazy but tried to coax it our way, it flew about the garden and at one point to my horror it flew out onto the street JUST AS a mini van came by.  I yelped as I knew it was going to get hit and ran out to our intersection as Joel and Aidan stood in the driveway.  The birds face was missing and squirting blood – not pretty.  I cried.  And could not think of what to say to my son who had just witnessed this.  (I remember my dad trying to shield my brother and I from a dog being hit by a car, the image till perfect in my head – I disobeyed and looked anyways…)  We brought Aidan inside for a moment and then walked down to the neighbors to see if their bird was missing…he asked, 
“What happened to that bird?  It died?”
Me:  “Yeah, buddy.  It died.”
Aidan:  “Maybe he just need a new battery!!”
 Me, with tears in my eyes: ” Yes, sweetie, you’re right.  Maybe he just needs a new battery.”
A few hours later he woke up from his nap and looked out his window down to the road and saw the bird, now smooshed flat onto the road from an afternoon of traffic…
Aidan: “Oh for Pete’s sake.  He melted!”
So sad and so funny!  


  1. Alison Gibbs

    Your little man comes out with some funny things. So precious.

  2. Rebecca Ramsey

    Oh! How sweet. It is hard to share these things with little ones. I remember when our cat Katie died and we explained to my youngest (age 4 at the time) that we would bury her in the backyard, he was appalled. Throw dirt on her body? Put her in the ground? He begged us to let him keep her in his room…
    Oh such sweet little babies!
    Thank you for sharing these things with us.

  3. Julee Ann

    It’s the circle of life…
    …and it moves us all!

    Snapshots in Conversation is my favorite chapter in your blook!

    If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you make these posts up =)

  4. Faith

    Kids are the best. They come up with some great stuff don’t they? Zach keeps asking me if they cut me belly open yet everytime I come home from going somewhere.

  5. Life in the 'Burbs

    Aidan says the cutest things!! What a honey! I’m sad about the bird though, and that you all had to witness that. I’m glad it didn’t seem to traumatize him the way that it could have.


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