If you want to double over in laughter just get my son talking about any of his favorite subjects:
Jesus – The Bible.  (He can practically tell you the whole story cover to cover).
Taxes/the Government.
Volcanic Activity.
and of course…
Outer space.
He is a veritable chatterbox and his vocabulary is hilarious for someone who will turn six next month.  He employees words like, horizon, actually, responsibility, prefer, convince, disappointed and more… He’ll preface a dissertation with, “Can we talk about…” or “Can I ask a question…
And he is off and running….  Good luck getting a word in edgewise.

I read recently in a phenomenal parenting book that if we don’t give them our undivided attention now when they speak we can’t expect them to want to engage us in conversation when they are teens.  Not much irritates me more than a sullen, withdrawn teen (or adult for that matter).  Aidan is quite a talker, full of lengthy, DETAILED, long, explanations… it’s actually one of my biggest pet peeves when a fellow adult shows impatience during one of his speeches – let the kid talk and fake that you’re interested for crying out loud you big jerk.  Do you have something better to do?  I have been guilty of this myself of course (which is usually the case with pet peeves).

There are a couple easy ways we can show our kids that their little words matter:

-If you are walking thru a room as they chatter, stop and turn your body towards them.

-Try to say, “Just a minute” as few times as possible during the day.  Whatever you were gonna do can wait 6 minutes.  The world won’t come to an end.  I know the “Mom”  “Mom”  “Mom”  “Mom”  “Mom”  “Mom”  “Mom”  “Mom”  “Mom”  comes rapid fire and your head might feel like it’s going to implode if someone says it one more time – but we have to get over ourselves, pray for patience and remember our Father who would have us turn to him a thousand times a day if we so desired.

-Sit down while they talk.

-If your computer is in a family space like ours is, close the dang cover or turn it off.  That goes for IPhone’s too.  Detach that thing from your body – I promise, you will survive.

-Encourage other siblings to not interrupt but that means you can’t either – HA!

Aidan has given so many hilarious dissertations
 in the last few days this is JUST a quick sampling:

Aidan:  Dad, would you mind if we talk about Gemini 6 right now?

Joel: Sure Buddy.

Aidan: Gemini 6, Gemini 7, Gemini 12.  Gemini 12 blew up for a matter of fact.  It was like this much off the launch pad and then, the bottom started leaning because it wasn’t straightened properly.   Then ka-boom.  Remember one of the spaceships that is kind from our kind of space ships?  Then it went up and like three pieces went everywhere?

Me:  That was the Challenger buddy.

Aidan:  If I was the President this time I am making them go to the moon.  I don’t care how much it costs.  I about cry when I saw them putting our flag on the moon.  And it’s still there.  God made the moon.  He did a pretty nice job.  Dad, did you know someone is gonna go back to the moon?  I guarantee it.