Snapshots in Conversation Part VI – Shift Work

Apr 2, 2008 | Snapshots in Coversation | 4 comments

Business has been B-A-D so to make a minuscule little bit of extra money plus put a small dent in the cost of health insurance Joel took a job at Home Depot – 4am-8am Monday-Friday, then from there he can go on to his regular job, assuming of course that there is work!
The health insurance discount is not what people made it out to be and we may not save
that much in the end if we switch to their insurance but none-the-less the extra money will help (until I get my idea in the cooker off and running at least!)
He has such a good attitude about it and he really, once again is our hero. We know that “this too shall pass” and in the meantime any laughter really helps (clearly I am looking for things to make me laugh, even jokes about drag queen Barbies apparently – sorry if that one was in poor taste).
I listen to Christian, Country and Conservative Talk in the car and Aidan is getting to the age where he knows the songs and which ones I like and don’t like. Leave it to Aidan to make me laugh even more…
Joel’s attitude faltered a little on Saturday when he had to go to training from 9am-6pm. As he was pulling out of the driveway this is what Aidan said as he waved goodbye and nodded his head knowingly,

“Dad got Shift-a-work.”

Children. Hilarious. Be sure to click the title of this blog to hear the great song, “Shiftwork.” You will see why him saying “Shift-a-work” makes it even funnier.

Disclaimer – I have no idea what gas station hotties have to do with Shiftwork – but for childbaring women it can be a little daunting. The video is the only way I could share the song with you.


  1. Faith

    That is too cute. It sucks that Joel has to do that, but awesome that he’s willing to. I hope things pick up for the business. Love you.

  2. Faith

    Congrats on the Job!!!


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