Snapshots in Conversation Part V

Mar 10, 2008 | Snapshots in Coversation | 6 comments

The Setting-
Joel and I and Aidan are in the kitchen making dinner while Amélie is upstairs in our room sleeping in her swing. The video monitor is on so we can see and hear her. She begines to make a few peeps in her sleep…

Mom: In frustration ’cause dinner is not done. Oh come on Amélie you can’t wake up yet.

Aidan: Dumb Amélie.

Joel: What did he say???

Mom and Joel together: Aidan, we don’t say dumb. (Which of course is a lie. WE do say dumb, Mom says it all day long which is how Aidan knows the word!)

Mom: We don’t say “dumb Amélie” Aidan, we say “sweet Amélie”.

Aidan: Sweet dumb Amélie!


  1. Faith

    Too funny, been there. The one’s I have passed on are CRAP and WHATEVER. It’s strange how you can say something on a regular basis and think nothing of it and then be so shocked when it comes out of your childs mouth. But I know exactly where they learned it from. Naughty Mommy!!!!!

  2. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Sadly, “Crap” is one of my all time favorite words. I must say it forty times a day. I’m in trouble.

  3. LauraS

    As the Lord says, we reap what we sow!

    J’espere que votre “sweet” fille est bien! 🙂

    – Laura

  4. Tanya

    LOL, that is cute! I always found dinner time/late afternoons to be the most stressful with my babies.
    Speaking of words, I didn’t really realize how often I said “that sucks” until my kids started saying it. It dosn’t sound like any big deal, till you hear it out of the mouth of a 3 year old,lol.

  5. Parisienne Farmgirl

    We say “that S-U-X’s” but I am sure any moment now he will pick up on that too.


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