Snapshots in Conversation – One Man’s Junk…

Aug 2, 2011 | Uncategorized | 19 comments

I tell you what…
I could simply write an entire blog called “Snapshots in Conversation.”  My Chickens say the craziest, funniest, most profound things every day.  From Politics to Religion!

The other day Joel and I were going at it like cats and dogs.  
Yeah, don’t think it’s just in your house!

I had to go back and apologize to everyone.  I was on the pregnant war-path.
When I went to Amélie it went like this…

Me:  LeeLee, Momma was nasty today hugh?  I need to tell you am very sorry.

Amélie:  No, no.  You said sorry to Daddy, he said sorry to you.

Me:  Oh, so you don’t think I need to say sorry to you?  Well, I do.

Amélie:  Yeah!  Daddy said you were a piece of junk!!!

Me (trying not to fall on the floor in laughter)  No, no babe.  
Daddy said I was a piece of work!

Amélie (relieved):  Oh,  O.K.


  1. Ms. Bake-it

    That is too funny! Amélie is adorable!

  2. Kate

    How stinking adorable is she!

    And I’m so glad it’s not just our house. I try and remember that hashing things out is good, and that hormones will increase my need to do so! I’ve warned G to just go along with it unless it truly seems crazy because I’m hormonal and I’ll think I’m right.

  3. vikki

    Kids say the cutest things.

  4. Deb

    That is one you will NEVER forget. 🙂

  5. Amber

    OMG! LOL!!!

  6. Deanna

    God bless you!

  7. cityfarmer

    fell off the bar stool …

  8. Mel

    Love it! You should have a short journal ofthese … a running feature … My nephew always says “dont say that at me!”~ Its so funny!

  9. Priscilla

    When my eldest was 3 she was staying with Grandma for the day. She was mad at something and said, “damn”. Grandma said, “Peggy, where did you hear that word”? Peggy said, “Mommy and Daddy say it”. Grandma said, “Maybe you have heard Daddy say it, but you know Mama doesn’t say it”. Well as usual she had to have the last word. “No, but I think they say it after I go to bed”!

  10. Faith

    Too funny!!

  11. Burlap Luxe

    Ok! I so needed to be reminded of all the sweet brave things our littel ones say! Mine now 18 and in college still pops up with some funny stuff!

    Toooo! Cute and thank little “A” for the smile on my face 🙂

    I think I like the piece of JUNK better, I Like junk 🙂
    Who visits your Mom othen!

  12. A Cottage Muse

    Giggling this morning…thanks!
    She is just too cute!

  13. heartland farmhouse

    I’ve been seeing you around & I just wanted to pop in & say Hi!

    Have a God Blessed Evening!


  14. Heather B

    My 4 year old has trouble with the word “annoying”. She is irritated by a lot of things… her brother not being quiet when she’s speaking, her socks falling down, her shorts cutting into her little body, and her underwear riding up. In her mind, all those things drive her crazy and keep her up late into the night because they’re all “ignoring” her.

  15. Renata

    LOL – oh that is just the cutest!

  16. Studio Gypsies

    That was too funny! Made me laugh! Thanks!


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