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I tell you what…
I could simply write an entire blog called “Snapshots in Conversation.”  My Chickens say the craziest, funniest, most profound things every day.  From Politics to Religion!

The other day Joel and I were going at it like cats and dogs.  
Yeah, don’t think it’s just in your house!

I had to go back and apologize to everyone.  I was on the pregnant war-path.
When I went to Amélie it went like this…

Me:  LeeLee, Momma was nasty today hugh?  I need to tell you am very sorry.

Amélie:  No, no.  You said sorry to Daddy, he said sorry to you.

Me:  Oh, so you don’t think I need to say sorry to you?  Well, I do.

Amélie:  Yeah!  Daddy said you were a piece of junk!!!

Me (trying not to fall on the floor in laughter)  No, no babe.  
Daddy said I was a piece of work!

Amélie (relieved):  Oh,  O.K.