Two in one day…wow.

The Setup: Often right before Big Daddy gets home is when I will get cleaned up. If I have nowhere to go it is not uncommon for me to look like Holy “H” until the last minute. Garden dirt in between my toes, hair in a knot, no makeup and still with my sweaty sport bra on…

After hopping out of a late day shower and throwing on an outfit that is not really “me” but I am still needing to loose a few more pounds to dress truly “Ang” …today’s choice was a bit romantic for my funky meets classic heart… a favorite kahki linen skirt paired with a white short sleaved blouse with little roses all over it…

Aidan: Mom, what you doin? What you wearing?

Me: sighing, “Aidan, Momma is just trying to look nice for when Daddy gets home.

Aidan: Slightly asking, “You look married.”

I looked down and realized he meant, “like a bride” in my mostly white, romantic outfit.
It was even funnier cause he said, “Mawweed”
Dang, I love that kid.