GOODNESS, I posted this, walked away, thought of a few more things to add and you girls had already commented!  I can not keep up with you!!!!

One of the most amazing things about mon Toutou is that he knows a little bit about everything.   I know I am the biased mother but I swear this child is the most multifaceted little person I have ever encountered.  He has an opinion about everything too…I wonder where he get’s that?  He is sensitive, hilarious and has a very mysterious understanding of the LORD.  (He says that God talks to him while he is sleeping!)  

Of course, he is a rambunctious, testosterone filled little 3.7 year old boy too so when we are with people he tends to show off and has been known to push the limits – I swear it’s a peeing to mark his territory kind of thing and I wish sometimes that friends and family could get to know him when he is not in “show off mode.”  
If you want, you can have a conversation with him on just about anything; cooking, photography, music, France, gardening, geography, music and different styles of music, “Mom, is this bluegrass?”, Johnny Cash, NASCAR (including things like pistons, gas tanks, burn outs, crew chiefs, caution flags…) Aidan can tell you about outer space, rocket boosters and of course, fire, fire, fire.  Aidan is beyond creative and spends HOURS a day building with his Legos, his drawings are frighteningly accurate and he has a little camera and what’s even more frightening is that he knows how to edit his photographs in I-Photo.  He says things like, “Oh, this one would look good dark and white”  (Black and white)  He also uses words and phrases like, “As a matter of fact.”  “Gorgeous”, “I could not care”, “Be my guest”, “Amazing”, “Fantastic”, and “Actually.”  He is also known to ask people, “How much you weigh?”  when what he really means is, “How old are you?”  He says, “Yes Man!” When told to do something instead of  “Yes Ma’am!”  I have to turn my head to laugh every time!  Nevermind that in the last few days he goes for minutes at a time and speaks French!!!!  Broken French mind you but he is obsessed with trying!
“Snapshots” is one my favorite features on my blog, the house is always littered with little pieces of paper with my scribbles of things Aidan has said.  I may not be the best “Baby Booker” but at least I have “Snapshots in Conversation.”  Here is just a sample of what he has said in the last 48 hours:
Aidan on growing up:
“You know what’s really sad?  When you grow up and you have to get a new bike but you love your kid bike so much”  (Tears in his eyes!)

Aidan on the lyrics to Amazing Grace being played on the computer:
“I’m actually free and saved.  I’m alive and God saved me so much.  I know I’m still alive.  
Me:  “Cause God saved you?”
Aidan:  “He’s a really good guy.”

Aidan on Homebirth:
“How old will I be when my baby brother comes out of your tummy?”
Me: “Well kiddo, I hope you will be about 4 1/2.”
Aidan: “Can I help Dad pull him out?  I’m gonna be really much strong to pull him out.”
If you are a new reader, Joel delivered our daughter as Aidan watched Christmas Eve 2007)

Aidan on Amélie: (While snuggling in bed with her and I.)
“I am just so in love to her.  I am going to love her for years and years and years.  She is the sweetest Amélie I ever had.”

Aidan on Poloroid Photography:
“Well, how do you I-Photo it?”

Aidan on the statement I had just mumbled to myself about how gross and greasy I was looking:
“Well, get some makeup on and get your gorgeous!”

I wonder every day if I could be more in love with this little guy.  He is getting so big; I cry at the thought of it.  So cliché – but how in the world could the last few years have gone by so quickly???  I am “so in love to him”!