Today Aidan, myself and Amélie were cozy on the couch reading a little book about Christmas.  It was a very simple book so I was reading it half in English and translating the other half to French.  There was a page with a Christmas Tree with little Advent-like numbered doors that opened up to reveal ornaments.  They were scattered about the page…

Me:  Ou est un?

Aidan found it.

Me:  Ou est deux?

Aidan found it.

Me:  Ou est trois?

Aidan:  I am right here.
Genius.  A sense of wit and humor and he doesn’t even know it!  I know only a handful of readers will get this so below is my little humor helper-
ou est – where is
un- one
deux – two
trois – three
toi – you (pronounced almost exactly the same as the above “trois”)