Not that I want you to miss out on yesterday’s Chocolate Cake but this was so funny I had to post it toute de suite!!!  (Right away!)

As I laid out everyones clothes for church tomorrow Joel sat in the bathroom with the kids while they shared a tub.  I came in to do the washing and began to “prep” them that after bath time it was bed time.  No going back downstairs to play.  Aidan protested that it was early and to that I clicked of the bathroom light momentarily leaving the four of us in the blackness. Quickly showing him how “late” it was.  When I turned on the light the conversation went like this:
Aidan:  When the light was off I could still hear your voice.
Me:  I know baby, that is because you see with your eyes and you hear with your ears.  Those are called senses.
As I washed him up I explained further…
Me:  You feel with your skin, that is called touch.  And those bubbles that got in your mouth earlier, you tasted them because you taste with your mouth.

Just then other bubbles came floating up to the service…
Me:  And you smell those little farts of yours with your nose.  So you hear with your ears, taste with your mouth, smell with your nose, touch with your skin and see with your eyes.  Those are the five senses.  Taste, smell, touch, hearing and taste.
Aidan:  And farting.