Variations on a Theme…

Two month ago.  In reference to some clothes he had outgrown.
Aidan: “My brother can wear that someday.”
One month ago:
Aidan: “I am going to marry Amélie.  Amélie has a brother.  I do not.  I need a brother and then he will need a sister.”
One month ago.  While driving in the car at dusk.  This is in reference to us telling him he was a star in the sky before he was born.

Aidan:  “Look!  Look up there!  Do you see that star?  (Venus) That’s my brother up there!  See how brightly he is shining?  Do you see him Amélie?  That is my brother!”
Two weeks ago:
Aidan: ” Are you pregnant with my brother yet?”
Two days ago:

Aidan:  “Will you pray for me tonight Dad?”  (He asks this every night)
Joel:  “About what?”
Aidan:  “About my brother.”
Joel:  “What about him?”
Aidan:  “That he would sleep thru the night…unlike Amélie.”
Today, in reference to me trying to change my attitude and response to our (lack of) financial situation.

Me:  “I wonder what great things God is going to do for us this week?!”
Aidan:  “Put my baby brother in your tummy?!!”
We want to add to our family so badly and Aidan’s joy over the idea of a baby brother is simply beautiful!  I swear he loves him already.  I know he does.
Your continued prayers for a job for Big Daddy are appreciated.  Needless to say there has not been any good news since my post about this some months ago – really, things just keep getting worse.  But, I was gently but firmly reminded by my beloved Gram today to continue to praise God and trust His plan.  Right now it really feels like there is no plan and many times throughout the day we find ourselves at our wits end but darn it – we are going to praise Him in this house, walking by faith and not by sight.  We are so blessed with our children, a warm house.  The joy we feel over the idea of another child someday pales in comparison to the Father’s love for us.  He is watching over us.   He has a plan for us, a job for us, a place for us to live, here or somewhere else…and I believe, more children for us.  
Seems like Aidan has his head wrapped around that a little more than we do sometimes!  Out of the mouths of  babes!