It’s been way too long since I’ve published a S.I.C. 
I hope these little quips and picks bring a smile to your face.  You may even spit your coffee all over the computer screen.

Amélie in her linen tablecloth Easter dress.  A Parisienne Farmgirl design!

Amélie fell down…

Me:  Amélie Ca va?  (Are you alright?)
Amélie: No, no I not ca va.

Aidan decked out in Budweiser Mardi Gras beads, an American flag and a Buzz Lightyear gun…

Me:  Aidan I SAID clean up your playroom.
Aidan:  But MOM!  Look!  I’m an American!  I have a gun, a flag and Budwieser!

The dejected patriot.

Aidan on God…

Aidan:  God is a store.
Me:  He is?  Why?
Aidan:  Because he provides food for us!

The kids trying on and modeling their Easter clothes.

Amélie on her darling figure…

Me:  (Kissin’ all over her) Oh LeeLee, You’re so Rubenesque.

Amélie: I not Rubenesthque.

Baby J.  
Not happy.

We only recently introduced the concept of Hell to Aidan.  I gently explained that if you choose to spend your life apart from God then he will oblige you and you can spend eternity apart from Him….and Aidan’s response was a hilarious…

“Hell NO!”
Aidan salon/spa specialty Black and Decker hair treatment and styling.
 The stuff they come up with…
I strapped the chickens in the car and ran back inside for “The Littlest One” (or T.L.O. as we call her) and my purse.  I came out and opened the door to find in that short amount of time the kids had made up a song…and they were singing it at the top of their lungs.  Crap is one of my favorite words.  Clearly I need to stop saying it.

“Satan is a bunch of crap.  Crap.  Crap. Crap.  Satan is a bunch of crap.”

Aidan as we drove thru the country.

That’s some good lookin’ prairie!
My Easter basket.

Out looking for garage sale signs with the family yesterday…

Aidan:  What if there was sign after sign after sign after sign and you guys just had one dollar???
Waitin’ for grub.
Hoolie’s Tootsies.
Oh, Sorry, We are full of nicknames in this home – Hoolie is short for “Hoolietta”  …Juliette.

And last but not least the grab your tissue all you Moms and Gramma’s Snapshot in Conversation.
About two months ago I was getting ready to venture out on my own with the kids.  A big trip to the grocery store.  We had been living in jammies for a month so everyone got dressed (read: a lot of work) and I grabbed the camera.  With playing in the background.  Trace Atkins, “You’re Gonna Miss This” came on and I, full of love and hormones, began to cry as I snapped the pictures-

Aidan:  Why are you crying Mom?  Because of this song?

Me: Yes.

Aidan:  It’s a song about kids growing?

Me:  Yes baby (sniff) it is.

Aidan:  (Looking deep and sincerely into my eyes, tipping his little head to one side) – I will try to go slow Mom. 

Me: Now sobbing.

Aidan: But you know what will never change Mom?

And my little, contemplative, old soul took his to fingers and pointed to his eyes.
There is not a day that goes by when I don’t laugh hysterically at these children and cry with the pain of watching them grow.
Please, “go slow” babies.
Go slow.