Snapshots in Conversation

Feb 23, 2011 | Snapshots in Coversation | 6 comments

Oh it’s been forever since a “Snapshots”… I have missed so many hilarious quotes.
But this one from Amélie about dropped me to the floor… hopefully it reads and funny as it was.  When the offenses fly… and with those two strong personalities, they do!  I am trying to teach the kids to work it out without me… unless someone is bleeding of course.  A little Matthew 18 (The passage in which Christ teaches us how to handle conflict within the church body) for kids if you will…

Scream from the other room and Amélie comes a ‘runnin’.

LeeLee:  Mom, Aidan tried to cover my mouth.  (Half the time, I can’t blame him 🙂

Me: Amélie, what did I tell you?  You go handle it.

In the following two seconds Aidan felt his conviction and I heard him say, “I’m sorry.”
To which she screamed at him,

“No, No Aidan, I have to handle you!”


  1. Chasing Sunsets

    Kids say some things that you wish you had a recorder going just you can replay it back to them one day and make them laugh!

  2. Sherri B.

    That is sooo funny! Kids are great and it is so interesting to try to figure out what they are picturing in their mind.

  3. Renata

    LOL – oh they say just the cutest things don’t they!

  4. marcia at Child in Harmony

    sooo precious!!!

    one year i wrote down all the cutest conversations and gave them to my mother in a book . she thought it was the best gift ever!

    happy day!

  5. Julie

    LOL – sounds like Amelie has a mind of her own! A girl after my own heart.


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