Slow Down for Christmas

Dec 20, 2022 | On Homemaking, The Parisienne Farmhouse | 2 comments

It’s a week before Christmas, and all through the house, I’m taking a deep breath like a woman who’s just given birth. And I have, creatively speaking of course…

A few years ago, I got an idea for a short film for our Youtube Channel. I took a few tries back then, but drones wouldn’t connect to satellites, the sun wouldn’t rise (it was gray for weeks on end), and the pocket of time for true creativity stitched up quickly in the fast past of life.

Until last week…

I had to try again, so I went to my family giddy once again with this idea for a little film… an hommage to the Christmases of my childhood, an invitation for others to take a deep breath and SLOW (the heck) DOWN… and a chance for me to test my filming and creativity. I would need them, I said. All the boxes needed to be ticked… drone batteries charged, dishes washed, driving around for location shoots.

They agreed.

Sons flew drones.

Daughters trespassed abandoned barns with me.

I was afforded hours on end at my computer for editing.

Two days of work for 7 minutes of screen time.

My little film was made.

I’m so pleased to share this with you…



  1. Sara Mincy

    This is gorgeous and beautifully done!! Sweet sweet story of our dear savior …

  2. Jennifer Eckel

    I loved EVERY SECOND of this. What a beautifully created film. While this was an absolute pleasure to watch, but it was more of a pleasure to FEEL. Sometimes the world feels so dark and cold and unfeeling, it is difficult to find the good amongst the rubble. Thank-you for that “good”. Truly. Thank-you for sharing a glimpse into such an artistic and gorgeous part of you. I don’t leave comments usually. I tend to be a quiet observer in an ever increasing loud opinion screaming world. But this, this brought tears to eyes and a warmth to my heart. I felt like I couldn’t be silent. So. Thank you. For everything. You gave a fellow Midwest mama a boost to her day! (I know it’s February and I’m *just* watching your Christmas post. I think I lost the month of January somewhere!) Thanks again!


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