Here are my “additional comments” –
Seems like, from the great comments I have received, that some think I actually watch The View.
We don’t watch T.V. – and if I did I would NEVER watch The View. However, I do surf the political websites and listen to the radio online and thus, consume pop culture by osmosis.

Second and please read my tone kindly:
I know I both concern and upset people when I talk about our government/president/country, especially fellow Christians. I am constantly encouraged to pray instead of get worked up. Being passionate, and thus, occasionally worked up is a large part of my personality. Clearly, the way God geared me up – obviously, we can take characteristics from God and sin with them, and I know I don’t always say the right thing with the right heart. However and I’ll say it… again… just because I post on what I think I going wrong with this country doesn’t mean I don’t pray for it and it’s leadership. I will never understand why the assumption seems to be made. It seems, from conversations and reactions you see on people’s blogs and my own that if a Christian is frustrated and voices that frustration that everyone assumes they are full of hate and un-prayful in their concern. Girls, I am not going to write a post with the words, “Today I cried out to God about…” some things are intimate ya know – and that would seem very showy. (“When you pray, go into your room and close the door…”) I prefer instead to encourage and, if you will, “rally” those who think they are alone in their thinking that they are, in fact, not.

Original Post begins now-

Joy(less) Behar.

Girlfriend is a piece of work.
Forgive me but I can’t stand her.

Today I caught a whiff of some of the blather coming off The View, 
Barbara Walters says she’d hate to be a Republican running against Obama in 2012 and Joyless chimed in that we should skip the next election.
(If you watch the clip, catch Joys follow up, “We don’t blame you.” slipped in real quick at the end. Sick.)
What is wrong with people?
Our President FINALLY makes a good call, he does what he is paid to do and all the sudden lets just coronate him King and get it over with.
Skip the Election???
Anytime you hear something crazy like this just reverse it and imagine the poo hitting the fan (IE: Rush or someone saying “Let’s skip the next election…”)
The One has finally done something right and, well, he’s not gonna let us forget that it was HIS call. Did you notice how many times he said the words “I” and “me” in that speech?
He’s shameless. And now everyone is going to fawn all over him?
I didn’t really like our former President but how about a little credit where it’s due? Why doesn’t Obama give one of his famous “shout out’s” to Bush???
There are so many things jacked up with this situation, including my own heart towards “enemies”…
-Who IS going to run against King Obama?
Buhler? Buhler? Anyone?
-Time to admit, Waterboarding DOES work!
-Unity, Shmunity! All this “Unity” warm, fuzzy garbage takes the focus off what we are actually dealing with… debt, health care disasters, gas prices, open boarders…
-3 billion dollars requested again this year from Pakistan??? For real?
-Let me ask again… who IS going to run against this (ego) maniac? Is there ANYONE out there with some fire, some passion, some STANK, some OOMF???
Honestly – it’s an embarrassment.
I know I am all over the place here.
That happens to me when I have a lot on my mind, things are such a wreck in this country and I could do political blogs every day but I know that’s no fun. I am not trying to rain on any parade. Obviously our Navy Seals kick butt and we should be very proud! Release the photos for crying out loud – let’s show off!!! (5/5 update – these words, “show off” have really been haunting me, they are not what I meant, they were just easier to write. I meant something along the lines of that fact that we did what we set out to do, justice has been served and I don’t think as a country we should feel ashamed about it on the global scene. I wasn’t saying “revel in the blood” or anything crazy vengeful like that.) But I don’t think this is going to affect our daily life do you, aside for a much deserved feel good moment.
Justice has been served.
… but perhaps today I should be called “Pessimistic Farmgirl”.

For fantastic insight on how a Christian should react to the death of an enemy – check out this brief article.