style="text-align: center;">Six months.
I can hardly bare to think about it.
She is six months old already. Actually, closer to seven in the last few days…
My baby,
Juliette Élisabeth.
The Littlest One
Sweet Baby
Shabby Boogaloo
and how could I have forgotten… “Baby J.”
She is a sheer joy to me.
The greatest pain of motherhood is the time that
speeds by with nothing you can do to stop it.
Six months old. Already.
Soon she’ll be driving a car and getting married and aaaaaaaah!
But not today. Today I will hug her and squish her and love her as much as I can until she cries. And then I’ll pass her off to someone else so they can have a turn.
Maybe. I gave birth to her.
That means I get extra snuggle privileges.
Momma loves you, Hoolie!