Six Months Young

Aug 11, 2010 | Full Time Family, On Motherhood | 30 comments

Six months.
I can hardly bare to think about it.
She is six months old already. Actually, closer to seven in the last few days…
My baby,
Juliette Élisabeth.
The Littlest One
Sweet Baby
Shabby Boogaloo
and how could I have forgotten… “Baby J.”
She is a sheer joy to me.
The greatest pain of motherhood is the time that
speeds by with nothing you can do to stop it.
Six months old. Already.
Soon she’ll be driving a car and getting married and aaaaaaaah!
But not today. Today I will hug her and squish her and love her as much as I can until she cries. And then I’ll pass her off to someone else so they can have a turn.
Maybe. I gave birth to her.
That means I get extra snuggle privileges.
Momma loves you, Hoolie!


  1. Dreamy Whites

    Hello Angela,
    Elisabeth is the cutest!
    She is such a beautiful baby.
    It goes so fast. My oldest daughter turned 16 today!
    I hope you are having a great week!

  2. Dreamy Whites

    What a beautiful name too!

  3. Ashley DeLen

    Your little girl is so sweet and all of the pictures are beautiful!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Victoria

    Happy six months to Juliette! She is precious.. have you noticed that she looks a little different than A and A? I couldn’t place it, but after the farm I realized she looks like Thelma.

    Except in those glasses, where she looks Anna Wintour. =)

  5. Ann at eightacresofeden

    She is so beautiful. We are both enjoying babies at the same stages – my little boy is 7 closer to 8 months old now and soon to crawl. He’s never far from someone’s arms. Oh how I have cherish the first year. So precious I call it the ‘jewel year’ because it reminds me of when you have a new sparkly diamond ring and you cannot help but keep on admiring it!

  6. Tracie~MyPetiteMaison

    Oh my gosh, that last photo in the chair is perfect. I know I’ve said it before, Angela, but you have the best looking children in the world.

  7. Stephanie

    She’s adorable and always looks like a happy baby with bright beautiful eyes I might add. I love all her nicknames!

  8. Deanna

    Your post made me smile!

    What a delightful little one you have!

    God bless,

  9. cityfarmer

    “J” she has captured our hearts

    … “baby J” …

  10. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    OHMYGOSH, Ang, those are the cutest pics…she’s SO sweet, and I can tell she’s going to be good friends with your camera, those are just so precious, especially the barefooted ones. She’s a pudgey one, just how I like ’em!

  11. Alice

    She’s a doll! I just want to pinch her sweet little cheeks.

  12. Ms. Bake-it

    Hello Angela,

    She is such a beautiful baby! What a very lovely name you have bestowed upon her. The time really does go by so fast. My boys turned 23 and 19 last month and, courtesy of my eldest, I am now a Nonna!

    ~ Tracy

  13. Cheryl M.

    Gorgeous baby and family! It’s obvious that little one is well loved. 🙂 I’m new to your blog…directed from I don’t know whom….and love it!

  14. A Tale of Two Cities

    Adorable! Don’t you wish you could freeze this moment in time? I’m sure she has truly blessed your life.


  15. A Tale of Two Cities

    Adorable! Don’t you want to just freeze this moment in time? I can tell she really blesses your life.


  16. Deb

    Terrific pictures of an absolutely adorable baby! Love the ones with the little bare feet!

  17. à la parisienne

    Altough every stage is wonderful, the six month age is one of my FAVORITES! Juliette’s blue eyes are so beautiful and your pictures are gorgeous! Oh, and les lunettes de soleil sont vraiment adorables!

  18. Sarah

    She is sooo cute! My daughter is six months old today too, they must be bosom buddies! =)

  19. Julie

    She is absolutely darling!!

    And I’m kind of partial to her name, too 🙂

  20. Mel

    Oh ~ I know , I just took my “baby” to the first day of 8th grade… I swear she looked like your little muffin here a second ago… savor every drooly diapery minute of it! Im sur you are!

  21. Kalee

    Awww, these pics are fantastic!

  22. Tamra

    someone sure looks like her dad!


  23. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Oh my goodness I just want to SQUEEZE her! Love the image of her in the sunglasses~too cute.

    Your sweet mom has been reading my blog for a bit longer that you have. It was fun to learn of your connection. Prior to this I had no idea that you were related.

    I’ll let you in on a little secret. It is hard enough for me to make sure that I return a comment to each and every person who is gracious enough to leave one on my blog. As I work, go to school and do all my own child rearing, cleaning, gardening and cooking, I rarely, if ever, have the time to read the comments left by others on blogs that I am visiting.
    So, I am assuming your recent comment was in regards to the sweet link your mom recently had on her blog. In my mind I am sure you only had a “Who would’ve thunk!” moment in learning that you and your mom read the same blogs. (See you and she are more alike than you thought. 🙂 I however choose to be deeply honored that you both stop by to visit.

    Be blessed.

  24. Terrell

    Seriously adorable and beautiful!!! AWWW!!!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  25. Fiona

    Truly gorgeous photos, and Juliette is a beautiful name.

  26. Storibook Designs

    Beyond precious. I just posted over at your Moms… that vintage pic in the sailor outfit… OMG, should be in a magazine!

  27. Faith

    What wonderful pictures!! She is amazing and you look so beautiful!! I miss you guys so much!!

  28. {Bellamere Cottage}

    Simply adorable…..and Juliette is one of my one of my all time favorite names. So sweet! LOVE it.

    Warm blessings,


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