S’il Vous Plait … with Sugar on Top

Jun 11, 2010 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

Mes amis…
Again I ask for your help.  
I am working on a fun post about curb-side treasures, as promised, but for now, I am doing a bit of research for another project… something wonderful… far off on the horizon… but sure to please…
Parisienne Farmgirl has been receiving many hits lately… even 121 from France in the last few days!… As much as I try to make the rounds every week or so and comment on everyones blogs I am always running behind in my Blogland correspondence, I enjoy your blogs so very much, there are not enough hours in the day… I have tried to keep track of email addresses…. not as well as I would have liked.
So, here is my gentle request.
If you have enjoyed any time you have spent hear at Parisienne Farmgirl would you be so kind as to shoot me an email so I can have your email address?  (Of course, I understand those who would rather not give theirs out) but, if you would like the first scoop on upcoming events at The Parisienne Farmhouse and that “something wonderful on the horizon” please drop me a quick note at:
Merci.  Merci Beaucoup.


  1. myletterstoemily

    sounds like you are more than busy.
    i am very happy for your sweet

    i would be happy to send you me email.

  2. myletterstoemily

    i sent my email to your email address,
    because i don’t like for it to be public.

    have a lovely saturday with your sweet

  3. BonjourRomance

    Bonjour Angela,
    IT sounds like you have an exciting project you’re working on. I owe you an update email too my friend. Forgive my tardiness, where does the time fly to? I promise to get it out tonight or tomorrow at the very latest!
    Bonne semaine,

  4. Carolyne

    Aahhh! …and who doesn’t love the temptation of dreaming to go somewhere past the horizon?

    Visits with you are always a delightful escape!

    {{{hug}}} ~Carolyne


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