Shop the Shed! (The Poem and Photos!)

Apr 23, 2011 | Parisienne Farmhouse Design | 18 comments

No, we’re not dead
But we feel a little lifeless this morning.
Last minute arranging,
Twenty-five in line by 8:05,
It didn’t stop them that it was pouring!
‘Scuse me, pardon me,
Hey, that’s mine!
I’ll fight you for that Betty!
Live greens, mirrors,
Rustic meets French
And photos snapped by Brooke Gianetti!
Empty spaces
and warm up breaks for staff
By noon it was basically over!
Now we’re on the hunt again
thinking of an “evening soirée plan,
We’ll see you in October!!!
How many times did I hear, “I don’t know how you do it with three kids!”  Don’t ask me but here’s what it looks like.  Kitchen in full operation mode.  The macs were a SMASH!  I sold TWENTY DOZEN macarons!  I selected fun flavors for spring:  Pistachio, Lemon, Chocolate, Blackberry, Raspberry and Lavender.  I will never tire of seeing someone bite into one for the first time.  And how fun to tell everyone they were made with eggs from my hens!
Beautiful Blackberry!
The line was down the driveway – see the little dark haired gal on the far right?  That’s Brooke – what a doll and how kind and lovely of her to mention our little sale on her gorgeous website
 Salvaged cubby – SOLD!
 Twenty Dozen Easter Macs!
 10 foot tall salvaged shutters – To-die-for!
 Easter centerpieces!
 One thing I could not do with three kids in tow on the day it ended up happening (because of rain) was help Mom style the sale – SUCH a disappointment.  So she did the entire thing by herself!  Hauling, lifting, hanging!  IT WAS AMAZING!
 The Shed was tricked out like a rustic greenhouse – with a little At Home Design & Parisienne Farmhouse furniture thrown in for fun!
 ‘Member the Curio??  Can you believe this is the only after photo I got???  DUGH!  
The sale started, I was working like a fool, selling, suggesting, directing and thirty minutes flew by – I turned around and POOF!  It was gone!   I had that baby priced to move ($275.00) and move she did!  I’ll miss her!
Could have at least moved my Latté for the photo!
 How about that Moss chandie by Mom, There are little votive holders in there – wonder how many times THAT will be copied in Blogland??  Could you blame ’em?
 My de-silvered, sheet music mirror and my sweet little buffet – gone!  But alas the aviary I still have – which I can’t believe seeing as they are so hot right now – I’ll be putting it on Parisienne Farmhouse if anyone wants it!
 Just look at that!  She took her work table (the Shed is where she paints her stuff) and went hog nutty with a staple gun and burlap – can you ever have too much burlap???
 If you are confused about the layout of our sale – we use Mom’s tin roofed carriage shed and a series of tents and her courtyard style backyard.  Look at those little, gilded chairs… my cousin who has EXQUISITE taste bought those to recover for her little boys bedroom.
 More spring garden theme!  Look at those green topiary forms from a garden in PARIS!  That’s right – Shop the Shed now has items from France!
 Got to love those harvest angels!
SO WONDERFUL to meet so many bloggers and visit with the ones I have met before. 
We thank you FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS for your business and loyalty.  
Whew – I am tired all over again!
I’ll recover for a few days and be good as new, ready to hit the garden as soon as all this mess dries out.
More important than any object found or item created is the celebration of the Resurrection of my Savior Jesus!



  1. Rosemary@villabarnes

    The sale was beautiful! I knew it would be. It was so nice to finally meet you. Not only did your macarons not make it to Easter, they barely made it home. My teens finished them off.


  2. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    OH, SO BEAUTIFUL! I sure wish I could have made it, but my niece that lives your way was out of state for two weeks hunting in North Dakota…maybe this fall! It’s all stunning, especially your painted pieces!

  3. Joannah

    Your macarons look beautiful. I don’t know if I’ve had one of those before. Now I am intrigued.

    I would have loved to have been there. Your offerings are lovely.

    Have a blessed Easter, my friend! 🙂

  4. Jenny

    Fantastique! We’re not worthy (Wayne’s world style)…what a thing of beauty and joy. You gave a bunch of lucky gals the opportunity to get together, repurpose vintage finds, and “mac-out” on macs (some possibly for the first time too) and you did it all to the Glory of God. I am sure the blessings went both ways. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the hard work + love of hard work = great results for all.

  5. Stephanie

    I wish I could have been there. Everything is placed just perfectly and it all looks so tempting. I really liked how the curio turned out!

  6. à la parisienne

    I had my first taste of macarons last night from Central Market-pistachio and rasberry and yours look fit for une patisserie à Paris.
    Your pale aqua curio turned out beautifully and those gilded chairs are stunning! How I wish I could have shopped the shed for some great garden accoutrements.
    Glad to hear your sale was a success and I am sure you are relieved that it’s over.

    Joyeuses Pâques!

  7. 1 Funky Woman

    Why is it that all the great stuff is so far away from me? I saw 25 things I would have loved to take home with me! Your colorful spring cookies look amazing, and I’m sure oh so yummy!

    Looks like a great day!


  8. Blondie's Journal

    We had a wonderful time, Angela. And I have to say that I have finally tasted a macaron…I bought your last box! Thank you to you and your mother for making the sale so much fun!

    Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!


  9. Shawna

    Beautiful sale & beautiful post! Love your Macrons, they looked delightful!

    Have you ever posted your recipe? I’ve tried and failed multiple times 🙁

    Happy Easter – He has risen indeed! xo*S

  10. claudia b

    Oh my friend, how I wish I had been at the lovely sale, it looks so wonderful! And if you ever decide to ship your macarons I will sign up for a dozen! I even have my own FedEx account so it will get here tout de suite!

  11. A Cottage Muse

    Wow…what beautiful displays!! How I wish I could have been there!
    So happy it was a success!

    Enjoy your day with your family and Happy Easter!!

  12. Tamra

    Your mom definitely has a knack for arrangement.

    Really beautiful, I so wish I was close enought to attend if for not other reason to sample your macaroons!

  13. Happy Homemaker UK

    Looks like an incredible sale. Congratulations! Happy Easter, L

  14. Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio

    What a grand sale! Soooooo drooling overs those macarons. Can you come over and give me a cooking lesson?lol the curio turned out awesome;don’t blame you for missing it…wanting to do a sale like yours one day. We have a restyled barn ready and waiting…sigh.
    congrats and i hope you get some rest! Gerri

  15. Velvet and Linen

    Shop the Shed was so much fun!!! Thank you for a great time. It was wonderful getting to meet you and Joy. Hope you had a lovely Easter.


  16. Elizabeth

    I wish that I had been able to attend! What a beautiful display of treasures. And even better that it is something that you and your mother can do together. It is a wonderful blessing to be friends with ones parents. Love your blog! Love Pairis (go frequently) and love your moms blog too!

  17. cityfarmer

    you simply must see what Brooke had to say
    check out her blog today!!!

  18. Renata

    Wow – your Mum did a fantastic job – she did a better job on that sale shed than I do on our home (sigh- interior design is just not my forte). Love the macarons – what recipe do you use?
    Hope you had a wonderful easter


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