She’s Gonna Leave You with a Smile

Oct 23, 2012 | Full Time Family, Gardening, Half Way Farm, Potager | 7 comments

This morning LeeLee had ballet and Joel and Aidan made a run out to the farm for my shovels… time to dig up and transplant as much of my Potager as possible…

Hoolie loves Jesus, Momma, Daddy and George Strait.
Check out her sweet little sense of rhythm.

Look at how empty the house is getting.
I’ll be out at Half Way Farm all day tomorrow so I’ll do a lot of videoing!
And!  Looks like we are building the coop this weekend and I found a messload of pullets on Craigslist about an hour from here!  WOOT!  WOOT!


  1. à la parisienne

    I know you’re excited about your FREEDOM to have all the chickens you please. Enjoy building your coop!

    (Side note: This Saturday we lost one of our chickens, Phoebe. It was a sad, sad day…)


  2. Anne Marie

    Oh Angela…I’m so very glad you found a farm! You all will be in our prayers…but it seems your prayers have been answered.

    God bless,
    Anne Marie

  3. Kate

    Who doesn’t love George Strait? So cute!

  4. janet

    The video is too cute..To quote a famous movie..If you build it,they will come..The chickens are coming..LOL..My grandson has them and they are a hoot to watch..Have a great day..

  5. Elma

    She is adorable!! So much fun to have chickens!! We love ours and the kids get so excited to get the eggs:)

  6. cestMoi Sandy

    Oh girl it sounds like you are very very looking forward to the move to your farm.
    And have a coop to boot!
    We lost a chicken 3 weeks ago one of our pups became a chicken thief.
    He ate one and plucked the other.
    We were all so mad and upset.
    Our chickens started laying last week. They will lay every once in a while an egg now.
    Good for me because I am allergic to store bought eggs ;( Home raised tastes better anyway 😉

    Well, have fun making new memories.
    And enjoy this new adventure!



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