She’s at it Again

Apr 18, 2009 | As Featured In... | 4 comments

The Mad Housewife that is.


  1. Bonjour Madame

    Thanks for the blog link. The female CNN reporter used to be a local anchor here in our little red state. She was completely neutral and I never noticed bias in her delivery. I think it’s hilarious that she hits the big time and now she’s all raging liberal over at CNN. I’m curious if this is either a job requirement or if she’s now “free to be me” with her political views. Either way, it is such an obvious change and bias that she loses all credibility.

  2. Anne Marie

    not surprising, however, what was the most aggrivating watching those, was how she asked questions, but didn’t even let that man finish what he was saying- interupting with such prejudism herself – if you ask me, SHE is the one who has become racist against ‘the common folk’

    I saw many African-Americans in the pictures of the over 1 million people protesting in the Tea Parties- so what are they? Are they racist too? Or just want their freedom like the rest of us…

  3. Berlin Deluxxe

    And I thought I was horrible behaving like the crazy birthday girl.
    Glad to see you’re back!

  4. Ramadhani

    Hello Nice to visit your blog..



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