She Pac and Bill Maher – Exposing the Double Standard, A Common Sense Rant

Mar 10, 2012 | Pop Culture/Politics | 29 comments

I don’t listen to Rush …despite what some of you think!

But I can spot a double standard
 a country-mile away.
Don’t get me started on Ms. Fluke or her desire to have me pay for her extra-ciricular 
sex-tivities… though it would make for a fun post!

But I declare, if you can’t see the hypocrisy of the media in rushing to Ms. Fluke’s aid when it comes to what Rush said as compared to the lack of interest in what Maher said about Palin a couple years ago and all the other horrible things said about conservative women… Well, I think it’s pretty much sick.  
Side note: To all you Anon’s that want to jump up my you-know-what –Let me tell you, I am not even a big Palin fan… nothing against what she says, I just find her a bit “campy” However I think it’s time to go start with that extra large “E” on the top of the chart it you can’t see the hypocrisy. 
I have to say, I might not listen to Rush, and I might find Palin “campy” but I abhor Bill Maher.  He is one smug you-know-what… and I love how he “unveils” his benevolent check to that Pac group… does he want a cookie?  For crying out loud, how many hard working people in this country actually make a SACRIFICE to give to the political group of their choice???  
Do they make a big stink about it?  
It’s just gross.
You can’t buy class and Maher has proved that once again.  
I don’t have T.V. so when I stumbled upon this She-Pac ad was pretty happy that someone put it out there.
Whew, now that that’s off my chest I will be pouring a much deserved glass of champagne after a long day of magazine promoting at a GORGEOUS shop on Chicago’s Gold Coast.
6 hours + 3-inch heals = My dogs are barkin’!
Bon Weekend.


  1. Heather's Blog-o-rama

    Bon week…and you said it so well, I can’t add anything!!! Extra love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

    p.s. I have tv, but I don’t watch/listen to any of the people you mentioned here.


    What we need is kindness and respect … on all sides. And TRUTH, too. Thanks for a good post.

  3. DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family

    Not to forget about what Letterman called Sarah’s 13 year old daughter and what Ed Schultz called Laura Ingrahm. You rock!

    Will you be posting some photo’s from your event?


  4. Theanne

    I have a TV monitor for the occasional g’kid DVD or a rousing tennis game with Wii! I’m not interested in any of the people you’ve mentioned! I have been keeping up with the political/presidential goings on because I can’t “b***h” and moan if I’m ignorant of what’s going on, beyond that, “no thank you”!

  5. Vintage Green

    I’m just ready for some good old fashioned civility and manners from people no matter what their opinion is.

  6. Miranda

    ♥ this post! Enjoy your champagne 🙂

  7. Homemaker Ang

    I am thrilled to hear you say you find Sarah Palin camping! She is the farthest thing from a conservative! I never liked her but when she wrote her propganda book, “Going Rouge” (I call it, ‘Going Stooge”) she talked about how she was tempted to end her last pregnancy… I turned my back completely on the Republican party when McCain signed her on. Mrs. Palin needs to quit going to all of her tea parties and stay home and start cooking family suppers…

    I know this post wasn’t really about MRS. Palin… I don’t agree with whoever the lady is everyone is talking about with what Rush (gag me with another tea party spoon)
    said either. But truth be told, both women are feminists!

  8. Chris

    <3 you! You’ve got chutzpah! So many are ignorant of the truth! You go girl!

  9. Priscilla

    You hit it right again! Good for you.

  10. Mourning Dove Farm

    I can’t agree enough–the hypocrisy is breathtaking. I could not believe it when I heard some the comments from Mahr–particularly the one about Sarah Palin’s precious child with down syndrome. Sickening. No one should give this man the time of day.

  11. Corrine

    After all the nonsense that has tainted our culture in recent years,I have checked them out, all of them. My opinions are mixed and certainly not appropriate here, but a friend told me a little phrase many years ago that I think applies. “You can’t expect more from a pig than a grunt, move on.” Okey-dokey.

    Hope you have time to have a little champagne, a bubble bath and a nice sleep!

  12. Anonymous

    Exellent! Thank you Angela! Millions of people across America agree with you.

  13. Mac n' Janet

    I’m with you! I have no use for Rush, can’t stand Sarah Palin, but Bill Maher turns my stomach. He, and his ilk, are why I left the Democratic party.

  14. Leslie

    Didn’t Obama say we should all be civil to each other and that He leads by example? Well done and I appreciate your honesty.

  15. Ron & Peggy

    So very glad you posted the video. Such disgusting woman bashing. Where is the outcry from NOW?

  16. Ron & Peggy

    Thank you so much for publishing the video.. I enjoy your blog and appreciate that amidst all the pretty things we have a decent report of what’s going on in the world. Keeping Jesus as our light and life,

  17. denise hill

    Totally agree with you on this one
    You are “spot on” I’m soooo tired of the double standard. I know many many young grad students that use clincs or discount stores such as Target for contraceptive needs.
    Maybe she could find other areas to cut expenses. Wonder if she purchases cosmetics? If so, weigh the priorities…..

  18. denise hill

    Totally agree with you on this one
    You are “spot on” I’m soooo tired of the double standard. I know many many young grad students that use clincs or discount stores such as Target for contraceptive needs.
    Maybe she could find other areas to cut expenses. Wonder if she purchases cosmetics? If so, weigh the priorities…..

  19. Anonymous

    I totally agree with you,enough is enough hwerever it is coming from.

    Annie v.

  20. Jules

    Your post is definitely common sense. Folks who cannot see the double standard here are guilty of willful ignorance.

  21. Mandy

    of course obama called to apologize to Mrs. Palin and Mrs. Ingrahm too. oh, wait…

    and what’s with the whole “get out of our reproductive rights…please pay for our reproductive rights” bs?

    puleaze. i’m hoping santorum keeps the left on their toes personally….

  22. Valerie

    Thanks for the post, Angela! So true.

    I’d just like to add…I read a great post by a Catholic blogger that also took up the issue of double standards and lack of civility, but took it in a fascinating direction.

    The blogger works in the cafeteria of a large suburban high school. She said that while it is completely inappropriate for Rush to be engaging in such inflammatory language…she hears just as BAD language from high school GIRLS! Not even the boys…the GIRLS. Words like “hey slut” or “b*tches” followed by hysterical laughter/cackling/etc. occurs on a daily basis.

    One day, she finally called a young sophomore over to the register. Picture sophomore rolling eyes at girlfriends and sauntering over to register with that “What?” (insert tone!) She said to her (softly, privately, and with respect) “Name, did you hear what you just said?” Girl: “No, what?” Blogger: “You called your friends, “b*tches”. Your words don’t match the young lady I know you to be…and can be…”

    The sophomore was shocked…ashamed…apologetic.

    Now, we all know teens talk with their mouths w/o the benefit of their heads at times :), but the blogger’s point is that this lack of civility is already starting with our preadolescents and adolescents.

    As parents, we must stand up against the crass language displayed by those in media/Hollywood, etc., but we must also stop it in our own HOMES, CARPOOLS, and SUBDIVISIONS! We are the parents and caretakers (cafeteria workers/youth ministers/Scout Leaders, etc.) of our children. Let’s stand up against all trash talk!

    Sorry for the soapbox!

  23. Anonymous

    And for a little update on the poor Ms. Fluke: she is currently on vacation in CA with boyfriend who has an uber rich Wall Street daddy who just happens to donate to the party in question. This resouceful woman seems utterly incapable of walking a few blocks to secure $9 per month birth control pills but somehow has the funds to vacation in CA. And who pays for the PR firm she has employed? What a huge setup and the pity is so many women fell for this story hook, line, and sinker. Women need to smarten up and not allow themselves to be so easily manipulated.

  24. Anonymous do know that tax payers will not be paying for birth control but private insurance companies, right?? Try getting the facts straight first. Deborah

  25. elise

    Well said.

  26. Parisienne Farmgirl

    That’s not exactly true…

    Let’s say I was Catholic and wanted to make a donation to a Catholic university. I do this thinking it’s a “safe place” to donate my money because their beliefs coincide with mine. (I am not Catholic and have no problem with birth control if it’s not an abortifacient).

    This university of course buys health care for it’s employees and now the government wants that policy to cover contraception.

    So “my” money IS going to buy contraception because that particular organization is to be forced to buy/offer something that it and it’s donors (me) believe is wrong.

    AND my money already goes for things I don’t believe in like certain kinds of contraception AND abortions via Planned Parenthood.
    So your facts are wrong.

    The problem with this whole FLUKE thing is it’s taken the focus OFF a loss of religious liberty and created some phony fear that women are going to end up back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. (Sadly the modern woman considers this a crime against herself instead of a blessing!)

    It is a LIE that people can’t get their hands on contraception. There are plenty of government subsidized clinics and Planned Parenthood out there handing it out like candy.

    The POINT of my post was NOT the contraception bru-haha but that a man is allowed to call a women horrible names, allowed to use the word RETARDED when talking about a sweet baby, allowed to use the most reprehensible word in our language… the “C” word…

    Where are all the feminists???????

    I’ll tell you where they are – they are in LaLa land frantically protesting a fabricated emergency and believing the lie that someone wants to “set them back 40 years”. What they can’t see is that language and attacks like Bill Mahers set us back much more than that.

  27. Ginger@cottageonrosewood

    Hypocrisy and double standards everywhere ya turn. It is sickening that anyone makes enough money to donate $1 mil to any campaign speaking that way. I am neither Republican or Democrat. Couldn’t commit to one party at all. But, if I were Obama, I would have given every cent back!

  28. DebsPeanut Butter

    I have such mixed feelings on this – but the “soapbox” comment regarding the cafeteria lady struck a good cord with me. Did anyone else identify that i/o ranting at the girl this woman showed a wonderful example of how adults should behave?! I enjoy listening to various opinions (I’m of a family of 8 kids = lots of opinions) but I’ll never listen to Rush again (never listened to Bill Maher anyways) because if he can’t find other, more appropriate words to express his outrage than he doesn’t deserve my attention. P.S. at the dermatologist (for 15 yr old daughter) the other day the doc suggested that we may have to put her on birth control pills because nothing is working for her acne. If I worked at that catholic university would my daughter go without? It was the first thought to go thru my head.

  29. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Hope you weren’t thinking I was supporting Rush – when I heard what he said I thought, “Oh gosh, it couldn’t be THAT bad” then, I heard it! It was icky. But people just won’t own up to the fact that had he used the “c” word like Maher did… well… you know what would have hit the fan!!!!!!!!!! Especially had he then donated to a conservative Pac group.

    But aside from that…
    I am adamantly against the pill and, though not a doctor AT ALL, implore you to speak with some more naturally minded doctors before putting yourself or anyone (like your daughter) on the pill. I was on the pill in my early twenties and thankfully learned much about it before the age of 25– went off it promptly.
    After extensive reading, I believe this little thing is terribly connected to breast cancer and completely jacks with a woman’s body.

    As far as skin care, as someone who suffered/suffers from acne my entire life, may I recommend BeautiControl’s “All Clear” line. It is incredible.


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