style="text-align: center;">Look,
I don’t listen to Rush …despite what some of you think!

But I can spot a double standard
 a country-mile away.
Don’t get me started on Ms. Fluke or her desire to have me pay for her extra-ciricular 
sex-tivities… though it would make for a fun post!

But I declare, if you can’t see the hypocrisy of the media in rushing to Ms. Fluke’s aid when it comes to what Rush said as compared to the lack of interest in what Maher said about Palin a couple years ago and all the other horrible things said about conservative women… Well, I think it’s pretty much sick.  
Side note: To all you Anon’s that want to jump up my you-know-what –Let me tell you, I am not even a big Palin fan… nothing against what she says, I just find her a bit “campy” However I think it’s time to go start with that extra large “E” on the top of the chart it you can’t see the hypocrisy. 
I have to say, I might not listen to Rush, and I might find Palin “campy” but I abhor Bill Maher.  He is one smug you-know-what… and I love how he “unveils” his benevolent check to that Pac group… does he want a cookie?  For crying out loud, how many hard working people in this country actually make a SACRIFICE to give to the political group of their choice???  
Do they make a big stink about it?  
It’s just gross.
You can’t buy class and Maher has proved that once again.  
I don’t have T.V. so when I stumbled upon this She-Pac ad was pretty happy that someone put it out there.
Whew, now that that’s off my chest I will be pouring a much deserved glass of champagne after a long day of magazine promoting at a GORGEOUS shop on Chicago’s Gold Coast.
6 hours + 3-inch heals = My dogs are barkin’!
Bon Weekend.