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Aug 15, 2008 | Snapshots in Coversation | 4 comments

I’ll be homeschooling my chickens (if you are a new reader and have missed past debates) and I am a pretty firm believer that most boys are not cut out to sit still at a desk all day long when very young and I don’t really think formalized schooling needs to begin so dang early…all that to say this: I will begin teaching anything young when an interest is expressed and lately Aidan is all about letters and sounds (and States and distances) so I grabbed some half off phonics cards in the Target dollar aisle the other day. Every other day for 10 minutes or so while he plays Play-Do we have been working on letters A-D and the sounds they make…

Me: Aidan, what sound does the letter B make?

Aidan: Buh, Buh, Buh.

Me: Very Good. Do you know some words that begin with the “Buh, Buh” sound?

Aidan: Hmmmm…BUTT-FART!

What else could I say except, “Very Good.”


  1. heidi

    how funny! imaginative and spontaneous, shows he comprehends the letter B. I homeschool my “5” also ;o) and some days are very creative.

  2. Faith

    Butt Farts and beer-who needs public school anyway? That is hilarious!!!

  3. Farmgirl Cyn

    Oh dear…I’m afraid this is just the beginning!

  4. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam

    I left a very long humorous reply to this one, but blogger didn’t post it…twice, so I give up and just want you to know…TOOOO FUNNY!!!


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