Shake, Rattle and Roll!!!

Feb 10, 2010 | Uncategorized | 14 comments

4:00 a. m.
I shot up in bed and loudly whispered to Joel,
“Joel, it’s an earthquake! The room is moving!”

How in the world my brain processed the moving room, swinging closet door and rattling nightstand…that it was NOT a snowplow is beyond me. Even that Joel woke up is amazing…”It’s still moving!” he said…and then the rumble simmered away.

For many minutes I just sat in bed seriously questioning my sanity. I listened for sirens. I swear we have an old lady in this town who, every time the first crack of thunder rolls in during a storm picks up the phone and calls 911. Honestly, you can time your watch…thundercrack…3 seconds later…sirens. Well, I thought for sure she would get those boys out of bed! But no sirens.
However, my DSL was making this very strange sound and did for many minutes. We decided we would grab the kids and get out of the house if another one happened and we were able. (I am all about NOT panicking in a disaster. Priding myself on clarity of mind and ACTION…you should see me put out a kitchen fire…cool as a cucumber!) We do live near a major fault line so I guess it’s better not to underestimate mother earth, better to have a plan than none at all! I don’t know how “cool” I would be in a big earthquake…me thinks I would rather have to hide from a Tornado after the icky feeling it gave me last night.
But here I sit making a fresh French Press itching to go read all my midwestern sisters accounts of the first earthquake I have ever felt!!! Gotta go push all the dishes back into place!


  1. Barb and Steve

    So exciting to be woke up by an earthquake! We sat up in bed, questioning what happened. Sounded so loud like a snowplow hit the house. We are not that far from the epicenter. Glad it wasn’t more powerful. No damages that we have heard about yet.

  2. Raymonde

    Love the new colours of the blog, and the roses. Have a really good day. Bonne journée. Les enfants sont à croquer! xxx

  3. Belle de Ville

    Us California girls are so used to earth quakes now we kind of have a ho hum attitude about them. Still, a lot of us in Southern California have been saying that we haven’t had a “big one” since 1994 and we are due.
    You should google the ‘triagle of life’ article on how to protect yourself during an earthquake. It’s always good to know some basic survival tips.

  4. cityfarmer

    I staggered down at 4:04 … looking for other things out of place …then I went to check the support beams in the dungeon … alas … all is well … for now
    Truth be told … a feeling came over me I’ve never felt before.

  5. Joannah

    Sounds like you handled it like a well-seasoned Californian! Most of them you just roll with and life goes on – thank the Lord!

    As for your comment above about the Asian commenters, I have found that I still get them with those settings. I hate that!

  6. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Yeah, you know how our house dips in the front corners? The cracked foundation? Suppose we should go move the snow and see if it got worse…just walked by my mirror wall and noticed they were all crooked. Too funny.

  7. Pam

    Wowee – did that make the news? I’ll have to check. We experienced one a few months back. I’ve lived in the Midwest most all of my life and had never even heard of an earthquake hitting here until the one we experienced a few months ago. And now yours…makes me wonder what’s going on. Glad that all is well with you.

  8. Lisa @ Another Day Today

    We had an earthquake when I was a kid in South Carolina. It’s a strange feeling.

    Glad you’re all okay.

  9. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Wow…that would be scary! I’ve never felt an earthquake…but it drives home the fact that we live in perilous times, doesn’t it? I hope you don’t find damage on your sweet home…if that happened to our old lady of a house, I don’t know how she’d do…sweet thing!
    (Did the kids wake up?!?)

  10. Gwynie Pie

    When I heard about it this a.m. first thing I thought of were my bloggy friends — City Farmer and Parisienne Farmgirl. Sooo very glad you are all safe. Blizzards and now earthquakes — oh my ! Craziness.

    Gwyn Rosser @ The Pink Tractor

  11. Jen Chandler

    I can’t imagine what that must have been like. I knew a lady from California who said earthquakes were nothing to her but Tornadoes freaked her out. I’m the exact opposite! The air is supposed to move, not the earth! Glad everyone is okay.


  12. cityfarmer

    … better check traumatized trumeaux

  13. Faith

    That is crazy!!!


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