No, that is not my quote. I had the misfortune of reading that on the shirt of a…and I use the term loosely, “young lady” at Blockbuster last night.

What in Hades has happened to femininity ladies? From flip flops at the white house (ghastly!) to butt crack at Panera. What is going on????

When in the world did being feminine become something that was not desired. Sometimes I SWEAR girls and women today are going OUT OF THEIR WAY to be NOT feminine. I mean if you have got boobs and a fanny it’s something you really have to work at – not being feminine. Even the cheapest of stores offer a smattering of makeup and clothing that helps identify oneself and the fairer sex.

Goodness, yesterday I sang at church and I was the ONLY girl in a skirt. It’s so funny how we are all so different. I don’t even OWN a pair of khakis (unless you are in pretty darn good shape I think they are a most unattractive color pant for a girl to wear!) But come on – it is really to the point where I get self conscious – like I am attracting attention to myself simply because I enjoy wearing skirts at and necklace! It really irritates me.

I’m loosing my train of thought. But perhaps it’s such an overwhelming subject that I don’t know where to begin!!! But for heavens sake buy a dress and put that damned cell phone in your purse (not on your belt loop!). Are you managing a construction sight? No! Put that thing away!!!

This poor girl last night stood with shoulders slumped, hair very greasy and shirt very tight over what appeared to be a stack of inflatable tires. My first thought was a very genuine, “Oh, sweetheart, why are you wearing that shirt so tight?” and then I saw the caption,


Now there are many flaws in this statement, the first being that if you have to market yourself as “sexy” you are already a point or TEN down in the game. In my opinion “sexy” is what you are perceived to be. YOU don’t get to decide if you are “sexy” or not.

But why did a 14 year old, overweight, greasy haired girl feel the need to wear a skin tight football jersey reading “Sexy is always in style”? I then glanced over at her mother – and forgive my clearly superficial assessments here – but mom was equally as greasy haired, long and stringy down her back with a giant sweatshirt on, dirty tennis shoes and cuffed jeans. Her stance was one of aggression while her daughters eyes would barely lift beyond the horizon.

It broke my heart.

I imagined a legacy of hard men, alcohol. A home with a television blaring (Jerry Springer’s guests screaming and giving three snaps about what “real women” are!). I pictured a man walking out and a mom shattered and withdrawn. Presenting a hard, unattractive self so as to never be hurt again. A daughter wanting so badly to be told she was beautiful (let alone taught how to take care of herself!) that she would wear a horribly snug t-shirt advertising herself as cheap, available and…sexy.

I am off-track again but my mind does wonder….

This is not femininity. I love a little decollétage now and then but tight clothes and cleavage does not a woman make.

My mind is whirling on this subject but before I spout off further since my thoughts are not well organized – I’d like to know what you think is “feminine” or how you would describe the word….