OK, first.
If, by some miracle,
you have ANY inkling of what the “Big News” is PLEASE,
DO NOT mention it in the comment box!
But I will tempt you by letting you know a HUGE giveaway will coincide with the Big Announcement… spread the word girls!
My days of rolling out of bed and crawling to the sewing machine are over.
And I’ve decided I have named a new mental disorder…
Look at that! Hubbie’s shirt from off the floor and everything! I can’t believe I am posting this photo!
Just keepin’ it real.
And I’ve decided I have named a new mental disorder…
It’s the creative curse I suppose. It’s the reason just sewing an “Easy Sew” dress could never be good enough. Noooooooooooooo… I had to a add rosettes trim, a giant sash and use slippery, shreddy, ornery taffeta!
But, boy oh boy… sometimes O.T.T.D. pays off!
Two dresses, two girls, two birthdays (one Christmas Eve and one in January!)
Not to mention my grand- daughters someday getting to wear them!






Now I am off to make the Tinkerbell (or “Tinker” as she is known in this house)
Macarons… with the requested Pixie Dust of course.
Then I shall set the table for the party, finish wrapping
and collapse into a heap.
‘Tis the season to be Momma.