With patterns available like this – I simply HAVE to learn. (No, I am not that stupid, this is not the pattern I am going to learn on!)

It’s been too, too long. For YEARS – probably close to fifteen, I have wanted to learn how to sew. Oui, oui, I can make curtains and pillow cases and even $1.10 bed skirts but I haven’t a clue on how to follow a pattern.

Really, how can I continue to fill in the profession blank on doctor forms with the words “Domestic Goddess” if I don’t know how to follow a pattern. Yes, I really do write “Domestic Goddess” – simply to make myself laugh.

Everyone I know, well practically everyone I know, knows how and they offer their advice, “It’s easy, you just….” (I have this policy about NOT believing people when they use the words, “Oh you just…”).
All those tissues, sizings, and button holes. It really freaks me out. But come on, I have darling children and a wild fashion imagination that I can not express on my budget – the time has come.
Seeeeeeewwwwwwww, here I go. I bought two patterns; A dress for Amélie and the cutest brown and turquoise polka dot courderoy fabric and “pajamees” for Aidan – his fabric is flannel – light blue and white ticking with little John Deere tractors. SO CUTE!
This is it. The time has come. Wish me the best…
Photo credit: Vogue Patterns.