Even our dinky little JC Penny’s Sephora sends me to the moon.
You should SEE the one on the Champs Eylsees!  “The last time I saw Paris” the doors of Sephora were swung open, bumpin’ music playing and practically nude models were being body painted up on platforms… with big burly guards forbidding tourists trying to take   photographs!  
Boy, did I stock up!  I think I spent what I spend these days on groceries – back then I’d be happy to go without food for a cabinet full of lush skin care and the latest makeup!  Theses days as a “Maman de 4” I am just trying to maintain some semblance of fashion and cosmetic sense!  You know what I mean??!!!
Here is a list of goodies I would love to get my hands on this fall!
First of all – how about this makeup?  Isn’t it gorgeous?  So feminine~

A girl can dream can’t she???