Send Down the Rain!

Aug 24, 2006 | Spiritual | 13 comments

Positively sick and tired of wilting sweet potato vines and dried, nasty, brown grass. I can never escape this song running through my head when I look out onto our tired old yard.

I accompanied my Junior High choir, just 12 years old with Mrs. Middleton directing. G.R. girls, is she still alive? She is the reason I sing today!

Once she said to a 80 pound intimidated girl in stonewashed jeans, “Angie, why are you in this class?!”
(Mind you, she barked it in front of everyone!)

And that demin-clad girl boldy aswered back, “To sing, Mrs. Middleton.”

And with all the confirmation I may ever need she answered back,
“Then sing!”

I live in a desert,
only trouble comes my way,
as I try to make a living off the land.

All the trees have withered,
and the birds have flown away,

and my shattered dreams have gone with the shiftin’ sand.

Send down the rain,
to wash the dusty sky,

Send down the rain,
To water the thirsty land.

Send down the rain,

to sooth my burning soul again.

Lord, I’ve had it with troubles,
Disappointment, broken dreams,

and I long to see the lightning flashin’ ’round.

You know I’m a believer,
and you know I’m, praying hard,
to hear the rolling thunder’s mighty sound.

Send down the rain,
to wash the dusty sky,

Send down the rain,

To water the thirsty land.
Send down the rain,
To sooth my burning soul again.


  1. Amanda

    Oh my goodness, totally remember this song! Amazing….I know that she is retired, but Teambarrett might know more about her human existence. She was amazing! Great memories! Wow!

    • Walter L Bacak

      Joyce Eilers Bacak was a great composer.
      Joyce died in a Tacoma, WA. Hosp. on 2 June 2009.
      I was her husband, I now live in South Vietnam.
      I was fortunate to accompany her on many Workshops around the USA.
      Her music is a living memorial to her love of life.
      Walter L Bacak

  2. julee

    There’s just something about choral music!!! Don’t you have a recording from Elk Grove H.S.? I must be somewhat recuperated because I’m getting excited for Labor Day!

  3. cityfarmer

    This lady was a legend in her own time.
    I still remember the impact she had on your life.

  4. J Smith

    I googled these lyrics today because it just started pouring at my house in MA, which reminded me of this old choral song from my jr high days, too, (but in FL). [Thank you, Anne Teal. You picked some interesting sonds for your class that have stuck in the recesses of my mind. :-)]

  5. J Smith

    It just started pouring here in MA, which gave me a flashback to this old chorus melody, but I couldn’t remember all the words. Googled what I could, and found your page. We used to sing this in our Jr high chorus, too, albeit in FL. Good times!

  6. Patrick Johnso

    7th grade 1977 Lakewood WA Iva Alice (Mann) Jr High 5th period boys chorus …LOL I always thought this could’ve been a kick ass Metal adaptation. A.C./D.C. Bon Scott / Soundgarden Cris.cornel / Metalica James Hatfield / Marilyn Manson / Rage Aginst the Machine / Slip Knot / 3 doors down seemed like low hangin’ fruit. Eminem will probably step up & spit this w/all the contempt & indomitable fury this lil dity deserves ! Jus’ sayin’.

    • Nae Nae

      I’m feeling that, I sang in my high school choir and I love this song , I was just singing it Amazing!!!!❤❤❤❤

  7. Vanessa

    I’m singing this in Knoxville next week with the choir.I love this song

  8. Taylor

    I sang this song in choir, amazing. All I can say.

  9. Tilly

    I’m only in fifth grade and this song is in my chorus classroom. It’s an awesome song

  10. Deena

    I love this song, my school choir is doing this song, well, we were untill the virus came around.


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