Sarah, Oprah and Everyones Favorite AntiChrist…

Sep 10, 2008 | Pop Culture/Politics | 13 comments

Darned if I can resist calling that guy the AntiChrist but I don’t think the real Antichrists’ popularity is going to be upset by a


Sorry to have kept you in suspense. I’ve been mulling things over and yes, I LIKE SARAH PALIN! I mean yee-freekin-hah! Finally someone in politics with a pair of balls!!!

Good grief did I just write that? I’m not taking it back.

Yes, I am a mother and homemaker and not to keen (AT ALL) on most aspects of feminism but I can’t help myself. With each day that passes I like that girl more and more. Yes, she had a short maternity leave, yes, she is a working mom – but if I could defend her – her husband is a stay at home dad and from what I hear she takes her kids with her all the time and works alot from home…I guess I am a little out of my element because I love being at home and I think women should try to work no more than part time because our children need us! But here comes this woman that I think is perfect for such a time as this.

However cliché it reads – I find myself identifying with her. (I suppose one could say that is what the G.O.P. wanted to happen and now I am in fact what I constantly accuse everyone else of being : Cattle.)

I LOVE being at home and the thought of working outside the home literally makes me sick to my stomach but there is that ballsy, salesperson, take charge side of me that likes to be out there making money and using skills I don’t get to use that much at home. I see that in her.

As far as I know she is not surrounded by forty nannies and as far as her daughter – in case we all forget – it takes one bad choice, one time. I don’t know how to combat statements that her daughter needs her right now. She does. I just SEEMS that this is the kind of woman that knows what she is doing – at home and in the office.

So, that is where I am at with Sarah Palin. I just can not bring myself to be too hard on her as a working mom. I am so intrigued by her – I just can’t. But I feel like such a sell out saying that because I CAN NOT imagine anything taking up so much of my time that I could not focus on my children as close to 100% as possible. I hate this. I am totally out of my seeing things “black and white” (no pun intended) element.

While I am settling into how I feel about her she is out there kickin’ you know what and taking names and Oprah you big feminist hypocrite – I hope she NEVER shows her face on your stupid show.

More to come…
Trust me. I’ve got more to say.


  1. Parisienne Farmgirl

    See, this is why I have not posted until now.

    I just posted this and then scrolled down to see 12 comments on the post below. And find myself so frustrated. I LOVE everything “the other Ang” has to say and totally understood the quote but yes I guess I am one of those who is so desperate for Obama to NOT win!

    I don’t really like McCain but I can’t get over how refreshing it is to see a woman in politics who doesn’t look like a miserable, hard lesbian, who doesn’t want to distribute abortions like pixie dust, someone who seems soft and strong and real. She just seems normal.
    As far as a woman with the football phone – that is where her normalicy is slightly comforting. Now Hillary with menopause or PMS – THAT would scare me!!! And keep that frightening Michelle Obama away from bomb button – that woman scares the CRAP out of me!!!!

  2. HomemakerAng

    Ok, I do still love you BUT:

    Here is the deal on the lesser of two evils that even great pastors are trying to get me to “digest”:

    If I made 3 batches of choc. chip cookies and in one batch the entire chocolate was actually pieces of dog poop replaced instead of the choc. chips and the 2nd batch was only 35% dog poop and some chocolate mixed in, and the third batch was pure chocolate in the cookies, what batch would you eat knowing what batches contained what?
    DUH! its a no brainer… you would choose batch number 3 and plain and simple I will be eating batch number 3 by voting for a 3rd party candidate!

    and one great thing Voddie Baucham had to say the other day:

    I stand with Jesus! I’ll dump a political party in a heartbeat. I am sick and tired of watching leading Evangelicals compromise in order to prevent the earth from turning to dust if the wrong guy is elected. Where’s our faith? We ought to speak God’s truth and let the chips fall where they may. We must bow to no man. If Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama don’t want Evangelicals to say things that may hurt them in the polls, they ought to speak and act like the Christians they both claim to be. Instead, they know that their constituencies within the Christian community (black liberals for Obama and white Evangelicals for McCain) will not speak too loudly when they get out of line because both groups are more concerned with winning than with truth.
    I refuse to believe that following a party like sheep is the answer to our problems. We must maintain our prophetic voice, and that voice must be consistently Scriptural. I don’t have all of the answers. I’m just trying to wrestle with the questions as honestly as I can…” Voddie Baucham

    I cannot in good conscience vote for a flaming feminist, she is a Member of Feminists for life!!!

    As pretty and tough as she may be, her family will suffer while she is gone chasing her dreams 100%, no doubts about that and yes her 17year old needs her now more than ever…

    xoxox I can’t buy this stuff, sorry.

  3. HomemakerAng

    I truly believe you will really think about this and although it may take some time you will realize how twisted this whole thing really is… If you would have told me 10 years ago I wouldn’t be voting republican and I would decide not to be a “sheeple” I would have never believed you…


  4. HomemakerAng

    oh yes, and one more thing, we all know what God does with lukewarmness… this election is spewing with all of that… God spews the stuff…

  5. Life in the 'Burbs

    Although I agree with homemakang about the fact that neither party is the perfect answer, I can’t help but go back to the point that ONE of them IS going to win, and any vote against McCain is a vote for the other side, which you do agree is the cookie filled with poo. We do have an obligation to vote for the best choice. I would never not vote for mc/palin just because she has chosen to work and have her husband care for the kids. Last time I checked, hubby staying home to be daddy is a heckuva lot better that sending them all off to daycare.

  6. HomemakerAng

    you have egg on your face then life in burbia, or should I say sh*t, cuz you gotta eat cookie #2 then… You cant vote MCPalan and not eat cookie #2… they go together.

    I would rather vote for truth and Jesus any day than win…

    and as my friend Kim states:
    “it’s not just about Palin’s gender. There are other issues that ought to dampen the enthusiasm of Palin’s Christian fans. She supports tax-payer funded contraceptives and sex-ed in schools. She vetoed pro-family legislation in Alaska, guaranteeing special rights to homosexuals. And she is a self-proclaimed feminist.

    And McCain’s record is far worse. Remember him? It’s not all about Sarah Palin”

    I couldn’t of written that great so I will let her do it…

  7. HomemakerAng

    i should have said poop and not the other… sorry

  8. Life in the 'Burbs

    First of all, I don’t appreciate being sworn at, so thanks for the apology. If you knew me at all, you wouldn’t come at me so hard.

    I am on the side of Jesus as well, so also, please don’t accuse me of voting against him. Your vote for neither candidate will indeed be a vote for Obama. In your soul, the vote is upright and moral. I totally agree with that. But in the reality of our political and extremely sinful world, the vote is one less for McCain and one for Obama instead. And neither of us wants to see him in office. I never said I loved McCain, he is simply the lesser of 2 evils. I would also love you to send me the info on Palin saying what she’s voted for.

  9. Joannah

    Wow! You’ve started quite a debate.

    As a working woman, who will one day be a working mom, Sarah Palin is an inspiration. Before she was selected, I was very lukewarm about my impending vote for McCain. I think she brings a lot of balance to the ticket.

    Lastly, although I do view the world through the third lens of scripture, this is politics and will never be totally aligned with our spiritual beliefs. Never…

    By the way, a good read about politics and prophesy is Joel Rosenberg’s Epicenter. I highly recommend it.

  10. Victoria

    A couple things…

    First, being a traditional feminist is not a bad thing. A real feminist is on the side of all women, not just the pro-abortion, or the anti-abortion, or the ones who couldn’t care less, but ALL of them, in defense of their womanhood. I have even gone so far as to call myself a feminist at times, because I deeply care about maintain the femininity of women. Something which I believe both Senator Palin and women who read this blog also support.

    Secondly, a vote for a third party does in fact swing the overall electoral vote precisely because it is not counted. In many states there is such a small difference between the pledged votes that it could go either way. If you want your vote to count the most you should vote for one of the main candidates, since a third party vote will not affect the overall vote of your state, nor will that person be elected (example: Nader has a 4% vote right now).

    Lastly (and I know this will ruffle feathers), our faith should NOT be a deciding factor in the vote we cast. Nowhere does christian doctrine hold that a political leader MUST be a Christian. While one’s worldview will certainly be determined by his/her un/belief in God, it does not mean one could not effectively serve the people without having a personal relationship with Christ. To vote for or against a candidate based solely on how well they hold to your faith system is both irresponsible and severely oversteps the boundaries of what exactly the church has been commanded to lead.

    Neither Palin, McCain, Obama, Biden, Nader, etc. are anyone’s “perfect” candidate. But how close do they have to be to our own unique, individual views to represent the majority? Not very,; if these comments are indication, we all represent a very opinionated group. Sadly many Americans couldn’t care less who’s elected, and won’t even make it to the polls.

  11. Victoria

    FYI: there have been women that God put in position to lead at certain time. Esther, for one. Now, I’m not saying Palin is “appointed by God,” but I can’t say she isn’t, either. Only God knows, right? Food for thought…


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