Darned if I can resist calling that guy the AntiChrist but I don’t think the real Antichrists’ popularity is going to be upset by a


Sorry to have kept you in suspense. I’ve been mulling things over and yes, I LIKE SARAH PALIN! I mean yee-freekin-hah! Finally someone in politics with a pair of balls!!!

Good grief did I just write that? I’m not taking it back.

Yes, I am a mother and homemaker and not to keen (AT ALL) on most aspects of feminism but I can’t help myself. With each day that passes I like that girl more and more. Yes, she had a short maternity leave, yes, she is a working mom – but if I could defend her – her husband is a stay at home dad and from what I hear she takes her kids with her all the time and works alot from home…I guess I am a little out of my element because I love being at home and I think women should try to work no more than part time because our children need us! But here comes this woman that I think is perfect for such a time as this.

However cliché it reads – I find myself identifying with her. (I suppose one could say that is what the G.O.P. wanted to happen and now I am in fact what I constantly accuse everyone else of being : Cattle.)

I LOVE being at home and the thought of working outside the home literally makes me sick to my stomach but there is that ballsy, salesperson, take charge side of me that likes to be out there making money and using skills I don’t get to use that much at home. I see that in her.

As far as I know she is not surrounded by forty nannies and as far as her daughter – in case we all forget – it takes one bad choice, one time. I don’t know how to combat statements that her daughter needs her right now. She does. I just SEEMS that this is the kind of woman that knows what she is doing – at home and in the office.

So, that is where I am at with Sarah Palin. I just can not bring myself to be too hard on her as a working mom. I am so intrigued by her – I just can’t. But I feel like such a sell out saying that because I CAN NOT imagine anything taking up so much of my time that I could not focus on my children as close to 100% as possible. I hate this. I am totally out of my seeing things “black and white” (no pun intended) element.

While I am settling into how I feel about her she is out there kickin’ you know what and taking names and Oprah you big feminist hypocrite – I hope she NEVER shows her face on your stupid show.

More to come…
Trust me. I’ve got more to say.