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Many people want to know, “How is it with three kids?”  As if I am going to buckle under the pressure or regret one of them… want to shove them back from whence they came… sometimes… regret?  Never…
Life is, in one word, BUSY right now.  Getting ready for this barn sale, whoo-eee!  Quelle Travaille!!!

My workshop.

…If you have been reading P.F. for any period of time you know I don’t have positive things to say about busyness.  It simply can not be at the expense of your family… if so, then it’s time to step back and reschedule or at least re-organize.
I have what I call “SANITY KEEPERS” that I employ during busy periods in our family life and I thought it would be fun to share…

This one is for all you perfectionist “Sancta-Mommies” who want to feed their families good, fresh food, sober, while looking fantastic…
I don’t care if it’s your homemade stash in the freezer or something from the frozen aisle at the supermarket.  I usually make homemade pizza and it’s fast but this is faster… we have been enjoying frozen Spanikopita, organic Mac and Cheese… the kids are lovin’ it and so is my schedule.  In the two weeks before a big event fast meals are the key.  I promise, no one will die!  Which leads me to my next key step-
I cry when I see two things come down: Trees and Barns BUT a couple weeks on paper plates is not going to destroy the environment.  DO IT and DO IT GUILT FREE!  And while you are at it – set everyone glass out on the counter so only one, per person is dirtied a day.  Sanity!
I have A-LOT of hair.  When I am busy I can’t stand it in my way and I hate tending to it. Here we have a ponytail that has not been pulled thru it’s final loop.  I then pull out some stragglers and pin them creating a sort of messy bun.  It takes about 3 minutes and doesn’t really look that bad.  Dirty hair, clean hair – it doesn’t matter.  Not only can you set aside your own vanity but you can manage your children’s too…
You’re not a bad Momma if you keep your kids in their jammies all day.  CONFESSION:  My kids have been to Target in their jammies!  They will love it and it shaves a good 10-12 minutes off the bedtime routine.  It you are feeling guilty about the paper plates then take some comfort in the laundry water you will be saving.  Speaking of laundry…


I don’t know about you but when I am up to my eyeballs in projects and creativity nothing overwhelms me as much as baskets of laundry.  So, stop what you are doing right now (well, at least finish reading this and post a comment!) but then, go right now and get your laundry done.  Lest you loose a child in the piles.


Do it.  Do it fast, I mean like a mad woman!  Get those counters clean, load that dishwasher, put up the “CLOSED” sign, light a candle on the counter and proceed quickly to sanity keeper number seven…


Nothing soothes fingers burned by the hot glue gun, skin chaffed with scrubbing off paint and numbs the aches and pains from standing at your workspace all day like a big fat Bordeaux!!!  Sip, Savor, Enjoy…



  1. 1 Funky Woman

    I love all your sanity keepers! I think those are pretty much mine too, especially the wine, or maybe a bloody mary or margarita! Keeping up with the laundry is so hard no matter how many kids you have and what would we do without frozen pizza and paper plates? Good luck on your sale, wish I could be there!

  2. Rebecca

    I am laughing and could have used your advice a few years ago when all 6 of my kids were at home! I probably would have to balk at the all day jammies thing but everything else sounds sensible. Good luck with your show and have a great week

  3. Mel

    you benn peering in my windows..girl- Love it…. the ponyknot I just went and cut it off. The rest is my Rx for sanity

  4. Musings From A French Cottage

    LOVE this post my friend!! Great ideas and I love the laundry on the couch – it makes me feel so much better!! Why you ask? Because it looks exactly like both the couch and the loveseat in our family room right now at this very moment. So much laundry today in my house…there wasn’t a single place to sit and comfortably nurse the baby. Only,she was too hungry and I was too tired and lazy to move it so I plopped down at the kitchen table with her – haha!

    Love it!! Love the sanity keepers and that you keep it real! Have a wonderful evening and enjoy the rest of your week!

    God Bless,

  5. Tamra

    Oh PF where were you when I was raising my kids. Before blogs were born I was doing some of these “sanity keepers” and thought I was all alone.

    In one post you have lifted the spirits of many a young mother and for the rest of us who have been there you’ve given us a good laugh.

    Thanks kid and hope all goes well at the barn sale! Wish I was close enough to attend.

    (Seriously, “Sanity Keeper #4” made me laugh out loud, thanks)

  6. Ann at eightacresofeden

    Had to smile at taking the kids to Target in their pyjamas – you would love my little country town – just last week outside the vintage store in my town which sells stuff you would love I saw a woman in her flannel pyjamas and fluffy slippers in the middle of the day! I’m not considering this sanity saver for myself – people might think I’m insane but if someone wants to try it they need to come down under! You can also wear hats as I do – my sanity saver for bad hair days, go barefoot or even walk your goat – I’ve seen this too! Hope your sale goes well – I’m off to do my laundry!

  7. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    You are wise, wise woman! Your kids are cute, pajamas or not! LOVE IT! You are such a creative person, I’m so happy you’ll be in on that sale that I can’t go to! WAAAaaaaaa!

  8. SK

    The laundry and the kitchen–those are the MAIN sanity keepers, because when either gets behind, it is monumental to catch up (and overwhelming just getting started!!). Enjoyed your list! 🙂

  9. Stephanie

    Great ideas especially the last one. I like the little mirror behind your sink faucet.

  10. Bloggin bout my Boys

    There are days “I” have nearly gone to Target in my jammies!!! If I looked like you with my hair up..I’d do it all the time.LOVED your little one in the laundry Bermuda Triangle!! Too Cute. You have it down to a science..I will take notes. NO wine for me though or I would be out cold in the laundry too HA!!

  11. Jen Chandler

    The barn sale sounds fantastic! Oh how I wish I could come! I wish you great success!!

    Your sanity keepers are all keepers in my book! Especially the laundry and the clean kitchen. For some reason no matter what’s going on, if the entire house is clean but the kitchen, I feel stressed until it’s done! My husband is always amazed at how fast I can clean it. I tell him it’s necessary for my sanity!

    Happy Thursday,

    PS: I’ve got to get me a bottle of marvelous red wine…

  12. Valerie

    Hello there!!!

    So good of you to drop by for a visit and leave your funny comment regarding baby names. I KNOW you don’t share or ask for opinions on baby names…I followed the Juliette guessing game closely!!! (I hope I spelled her name correctly!)

    Anyway, I have my short list narrowed down and suffice it to say that one person suggested one of our names, but I haven’t decided on whether to use it as a middle name or first name. Decisions, decisions!

    LOVED your sanity helpers! Because honestly, sometimes we just gotta eat frozen foods on paper plates while wearing our hair in a messy bun! LOL Wine is also an awesome suggestion. I don’t think I’ve shared with you, but my brother and sister-in-law live in wine country in Missouri. I know, I know, it’s not the French stuff, but believe it or not, MO produces some pretty awesome award-winning wines that compete with the best out in Napa. They own a little over an acre of property that backs up to one of the wineries in their sleepy little MO River town. The view of the vineyards from their family room is breathtaking. So, needless to say, my sis-in-law keeps me well stocked. Fancy glass or paper cup…doesn’t matter to me!

    Hope you are maintaining your sanity as you prep for the Farm Sale!


  13. Faith

    What a great post!! I Love every bit of it!!

  14. Cheryl~ZanyMayd

    Perfect Sanity Rules ~ I wished I had thought of them when I was raising My kids ~ Now with just Me & the Cat~ Who needs Sanity ! ? !
    glad I found your blog, I will be back…..

  15. Victoria

    Ha! Thanks for a late day pick-me-up. That pic of Juliette is too much… she is the sweetest, even though all your kids have that coquettish little smile.

    But yes, now back to work… hi ho, hi ho…

  16. Mrs. B.

    Ah.Dore. this post. 🙂
    Your sanity keepers sound a whole lot like mine and I’m not even bustling around getting ready to provide fabulous wares at the Barn Sale – though I WILL be in attendance. Yippee!
    Now I’m off to clean my kitchen and light that candle…

  17. Mrs. B.

    P.S. Had to add that I wore the ‘messy, not-really-a-hairdo bun’ to Starbucks the other day and a lady ADMIRED it and asked for instructions on how to do it!
    I laughed and said, “This old thing?” Haha!

  18. The Norwegian

    Laughed and then laughed again. You are so funny! Bless your heart. Loved these sanity keepers. Bet the sale will be worth every shortcut and moment of stress. It’s the OUTCOME. I learned from your mama to keep a candle burning on my kitchen counter…back in 1973. The wine! so right. the ponytail! so right – the pajamas all day -so right! Paper plates…at least they are white. No patterns. Gotta say Angela, your post is such a favorite for me and you are such a doll. I just love you to pieces!!

  19. Lou Cinda

    LOVE the sanity keepers!! I am glad to say that I used most if not all of them!!

    Especially the wine ~ especially when I didn’t do the OTHER sanity keepers…the wine helps…

    Lou Cinda 🙂


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