style="text-align: center;">So, I was/am reading Ruth.
Ruth, the little book in the Bible.
Yeah, that one.
And I got to thinking what in incredible movie it would make.
I am a movie junkie.
When I am on the computer, if I am not blogging or watching a sermon I am probably watching a movie. (Don’t get me wrong, I read all the time too.)
 Hubby works nights and we don’t watch/have T.V…. – cut me some slack.
The problem is I have to hunt, search and scour for a good movie.  There are so few.
A mon avis.
Ruth is an AMAZING story.
 And I got this vision for what a gorgeous movie it could make!  Subtle, raw, gritty, and trés romantique.  Now, some of you are dusting off the ole’ family Bible to see what the heck I am talking about.  A simple read through might not do your imagination justice, especially if you are not a Believer so may I recommend the four part series on Ruth found here... to really unpack it in a way that will register and really mean something to you…
But picture it, sweeping landscapes, famine, harvest and dusty roads…
 Family, marriage, death and the struggle of two widows in an ancient culture…
 “Where you go, I will go, your people will be my people and your God my God.”
Naomi played by someone gritty and passionate.  Who can project wisdom and horrific angst… someone like a Shohreh Aghdashloo…
She is one of my all time favorites, I could watch her all day.  (If you can stomach it, I highly recommend The Stoning of Soraya M.)  I can just hear her as Naomi, with that gorgeous scratchy voice pleading with her friends to no longer call her Naomi, explaining to them that the LORD has forsaken her…her life full of death and pain…
Ruth could be played by someone dark, exotic and gorgeous.  Quiet, pure and determined.  She’s not my favorite but perhaps someone like a Penelope Cruz… maybe a hint of her character in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin… or since Ruth was not really young, having been married for ten years as the story opens perhaps a Sophie Marceau.  I can picture that vulnerable scene when Ruth curls up at Boaz’s feet for the night, not knowing how he will react, played by either.
Boaz of COURSE would have to be Russell Crowe.  I would accept no one else.  As is anyone else could capture a character with SUCH honor, so few words, such manliness and dignity.
I think he would be perfect.
I have in my mind gorgeous direction like that of Ang Lee (if you are caught up on Brokeback Mountain, scratch that and think Sense and Sensibility) and a sweeping, romantic soundtrack by… well, I haven’t thought this one thru too much but maybe a John Berry (Dances with Wolves)?
Don’t get hung up on every one’s beauty, picture lots of dust, dirt, threshing floor type scenes… like the slow mo one in the barn in my favorite movie Sweetland.  Hey, while thinking of that movie, that soundtrack composer might work well for “Ruth” too!
Hollywood is so stupid.  The Bible is full of good stories… this one actually happens to be more on the “pure” side but they could have a hay-day with all the killing, Abraham passing off his wife to Pharaoh, Queen Esther and the whole harem, plan to destroy the Jews bit (and don’t tell me about “One night with the King”  wasn’t that about Esther?  It sucked, forgive me, it was just dreadful,  I turned it off after 15 minutes).
But… I can just picture Ruth… can’t you?
If I had the first inkling how to write a screenplay I swear I would… in the meantime I’ll get my fix with the gorgeous intro’s to the sermon I mentioned above and hope that Hollywood get’s a clue.