I added this photo an hour after posting this blog – kinda tore me up.  I think I am going to be a bit more emotional than I expected…

I am positively giddy about tomorrow morning!

Really, I am just leaning full swing into the romance and spectacle of it all.
I need a break from the chaos in our own country and I will be taking it in Wills and Kate.
I’ll probably cry that Diana is not there…
How many new readers do I have that I can share this fun question with…
Did you know I met her?
For real!
Have the warm memories and photos to prove it!  (In fact they are somewhere on this blog).
Update:  I just went and found the photo for you – don’t mind my hideous hair cut!  It was 1996 after all… BTW, that’s me in the blue and Momma in the white.

Anyways – I love saying that and could not resist!
Tomorrow morning, just like my Momma did with me so many years ago I will wake up Amélie and we will watch someone become a Princess!
We will be in our pink housecoats and vintage hats…
Here are some that I will be choosing from…
(It’s alarming how one can have “fat head” as early as 20 weeks with a fourth pregnancy… what the heck am I going to look like by September… a Macy’s float???  Oh, and a big thank you to hubby for sweetly taking these ridiculous photos and for catching the laundry pile I have been too lazy to hang up in the background of EACH ONE!)
Your thoughts???
Too Jackie.

Too Small for a royal wedding!

Too plain.

Too Camilla!!!

This is my favorite but alas, Amélie is hooked on it (see sidebar Easter photos) and has asked to wear it tomorrow. 

Very Diana!
I think this is the one.
See you bright and early!!!
PS – Did you know you can watch on BBC.com!